Saturday, January 14, 2012

I can tell the caliber of my writing has deteriorated

I can tell the caliber of my writing has deteriorated, but I am too sick to care. I think I have had yet another change in my genetic code, trying to force me to be more feminine. Instead it makes me emotionally sentimental and weepy, while making my mind even more chaotic and non-rational than usual. I just don't have the ability to sustain focus on the inner workings of my mind, and I can tell that it impacts my writing. I have said it before, but I will say it again, every cell in my body is male, and trying to force female hormones and brain activity on me, will only make me a lesser, more deficient person.

One thing for sure it has made of me a paranoid, nervous wreck. Yesterday, after all the drama died down and I knew that I had some level of outer safety, I made a few public stops, and I found myself neurotically paranoid. I kept checking everybody, and literally could not stand the thought of anyone being behind me. I had to compel myself not to bark at some gentle, unassuming, and innocent man behind me in queue, "don't stand behind me".

I realize that I have some pressure and tightness in my belly, and it corresponds to a pooched out belly, so I am thinking that they put an implant in my belly, which is impacting my solar plexus, which is what is causing my nervous agitation and paranoia. Stupid fucks. They probably put it there to try to give me a feminine "energetic center", since they gutted out my natural masculine energetic center in my sacrum. It is amazing to me, that such "advanced" (alien) beings could be so stupid as to think that any kind of authentic spiritual energy can be aroused with ersatz implants. It won't work. and it never will; however I know that I cannot convince them of this, for ultimately it is the MACHINE behind this sacrilege.

Anyway, they gave me a viral download which sent me into the worst semi-pychotic state ever, and the problems weren't just mental--my entire body felt paralyzed. I have felt pretty crazy while subjected to those viral downloads before, but this was, without question, the worst that I have experienced. So, they have shoved me full of psychotropic drugs again, and I am barely function. I have no feeling, except a dull sense of anger on anything that impinges upon my consciousness. My mind finds it difficult to think, and I am having serious problems with memory again (lithium, anyone?).

I am too tired to do much, but I know where my next line of thinking is going to take me--if I can just get the energy to do it. Meanwhile, the occult forces continue to murder and foment war. The Italian cruise liner was hit by a torpedo--probably by ROGUE, OCCULT forces which very likely could have taken over an Iranian submarine. Fortunately, the world's leaders who are patriots know this, and are trying to stay cool. After all, it wouldn't be a first time that a torpedo started or escalated a war.

You know if my brain were working right, I would probe the interesting connections regarding the Lusitania--the ship was actually named for an Iberain/Roman province that fought the Carthaginians. You see, all this back and forth is related to occult infighting. For those who have more energy, explore the Venetian/Genova rivalry. Those towns were settled by different Israelite tribes, and it was a Genoa ship that sank. Who are aligned with the Venetians? Well, for starters that billionaire who has raked in billions off fixed games in the NFL ever since his chosen candidate was fraudulently installed in the Oval Office, which afforded the addition of institutional force to the leaning occult/criminal pressure already on club owners. It has been a lucrative racket the past couple of years. Of course, now his money--5 million of it-- is on Gingrich, but who is an international occult player, and until the cosmic conspiracy of evil is defeated and revealed, atrocities like this sunken Genovese ship, or a tractor trailer ramming a BMW off a CA road, will continue.

I just hope everyone, including myself, can keep a cool head, and act rationally. While the death of dozens of Italians is tragic, a world war with hundreds of thousands, and even millions, would be more so. In my cursory morning reading today, I learned that the day before he died, Lincoln cashed a check for $800.00 cash. Why? He knew that an evil greater and more powerful than all the armies of the South at the height of its power and armaments, was about to come down on him. I think, though, that he made a decision that there were no outer walls of trust that could defend him, and so he retreated behind his inner wall of faith in God, and the next day he was murdered. With his assassination, the reconstruction of the South took a genuinely hateful and predatory turn, which I blame for the retardation of emerging civil rights and healthy social integration of the freed slaves.

So this war has been going on a long time, and we just have to hold on a little longer. I really have hope that soon, this year, it could all be ended. I wouldn't lie; there really are great "intangibles" in the Patriot's favor--we just have to be patient and put up with insult, umbrage, and unfortunately, murder of innocents, just a little bit longer.

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