Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is just a quick post

This is just a quick post, as I have a lot going on. Last night, all my hopeful outpouring was probably just flying a flag in the stiff wind of Nazi/occult/Faction 2 hate, for once again they have the upper hand. I still maintain my optimism, and stand by every word I said, but there are going to be many troughs in the months ahead, and the Good Guys are definitely in one. So am I--I was in agonizing pain all night, from the latest "Snooki" mutilations. Three Vicodin failed to ease the pain as my shoulders and back are so unnaturally misaligned that they cannot lie down properly. Of course, as Kold Kadaver's continued presence on my blog reveals, the occult Nazis who are responsible for the mutilation do not care. They are the very epitome of sadism, and they enjoy the pain of others, as does the master, MACHINE-RA, that they serve in not only biological life, but also in the biological afterlife perversity maintained as a "Kold Kadaver" brain function kept alive cybernetically.

The fact that I could not permanently delete Kold Kadaver via the software user controls is a sign to me that this blog has been hacked by the KaBal of Kold Kadavers--that is, the spiritual dead. All other indications reveal this as well, since Barack Obama, a defiantly proud Kold Kadaver, once more, is exercising power--all backed by the terrorism of Faction 2. I will write more on that later, but I must say that this what I expected all along, so I am not surprised, just in pain, real physical pain, that there seems to be no way around this hell, but only through it.

However, I am posting this blog immediately because I wish to alert the Windsor Royal family, especially Kate Middleton and Prince William, that they are targeted for murder by these Faction 2 terrorists. Of course, the buried corpse at their Sandringham estate is a plot thread that they hope to use to create a royal scandal that ensues in upcoming weeks and months. However, my dream from last night warns me that THE DANGER TO WILLIAM AND KATE IS IMMINENT AND EXTREME, so I would caution them to place their lives in the custody of only those few people they completely trust. Remember how Diana died--these occult terrorists are experts at making a murder look natural.

I know it is hard to maintain equanimity when one is under such relentless siege. Believe me, I feel the pain of it personally. However, it can be done, and it must be done, or the future belongs to the Kold Kadavers of the world. Once again, I am going to start reading my posts out loud, because I do not know how controlled my blog entries are by the Faction 2 terrorists, and if my words are not getting out via printed media, i will say it out loud to the world.

Long live the free and spiritually alive people of the world!

PS: I have a new designation for these occult terrorists--the KaBal KKK, that is the KaBal "Kold Kadavers Klique".

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