Friday, January 20, 2012

I survived yesterday's Nazi assault

I survived yesterday's Nazi assault, even if I spent most of the day non-functional. I can say with certitude that Nazis were behind the attack, because I was harassed/stalked by a couple of blonde, anal-retentive teenage boys who were broadcasting their thoughts everywhere.

You know, I am really close to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. However, I will just say that Amon-RA has different sects or factions worshiping IT, and while the devotees might disclaim that they have any kind of spiritual faith in anything, and even profess atheism, I could make an airtight case that they are just supremely blasphemous idolaters, who have displaced Almighty God with Satan/Lucifer. However, I don't have time for spiritual talk. My life, my country, my world is under assault, and gaining insight into the tactics of these enemies is more important than probing their psyches and spirits.

It is helpful to say that the biggest split in the Amon-RA camp is between the racists and the non-racists. I call the racists "Nazis" though many of them are sallow, swarthy and dark, though they venerate the blonde, blue-eyed look. It was the "racist" Amon-RA that was putting me through the wringer, yesterday. I think I posted that my food had been contaminated, and I ate it, then slept, and woke up so high, that I could barely move. I mean that I was really high, as in given some kind of anti-anxiety agent (very likely something similar to cannabis) that had me looped out of reality all day.

However, I did not just sit around blissed out, with the munchies, while my brain got lost in imaginative la-la land. No, I still had the "brain tumor" effect happening in my brain, which makes it unbearable to open to any kind of visual or ausitory stimuli, so most of the day was spent moaning in front of a nearly mute television. As the day progressed, and I started feeling a little better, I decided to venture out into the big, bad world, to see if I could get some uncontaminated, take out food.

Well, after driving around for 15 minutes and two stops, I still failed, which reveals the level of sophistical remote viewing that I endure. Incredible as it seems, the bastards know every thought that goes through my head, even while I am driving. I am not exaggerating this at all. I have tested the hypothesis many times--probably there is a hidden (behind the cloud) UFO that monitors me at all times. They may be trying to protect me, but like me, I think that they have an experimenting mind set, and they try to see what the various occult frequencies will do to my brain. If I can identify, experience, and transmit the MACHINE-RA frequency, "switches" in victims' brains can be reset. That is how I am able to liberate others from the grip of the MACHINE--by suffering the same frequency myself. It does not "flip me", or at least it hasn't yet, (almost certainly because I am old soul very familiar with the programming ruses of MACHINE-RA), but it sure does make me sick, so I am usually not very happy when I am in this afflicted state--especially when I am being stalked by Nazis.

Anyway, when I got home, I could tell the food was contaminated, but not to the point that I was violently ill--whether that was because my brain was set to a certain frequency, or because of all the anti-anxiety drugs, mood-altering drugs in my body, I do not know. It was interesting to note that, when I got home, my house was in a bulls-eye of an intersection between two chem-trails--the only two chem-trails in the sky! Now, as I have mentioned before, I think chem trails can serve a positive function. I noticed a year or two ago, when I was carrying a reptilian aura, and physically very ill, that a sky full of chemtrails actually made me feel better. I think that is probably because the metals/chemicals in the chem-trails were/are setting off/encouraging specific frequencies in the brain. I would say that it is likely that the chemtrails are set to an Amon-RA frequency, and while that may feel good to me, when my brain is laboring under a reptilian frequency, it sure doesn't feel good, when I am "normal".

Anyway, today I feel much better. It probably is because my brain switches were flipped last night by my "friendly" Sirian abductors. I ate the same food that made me sick yesterday (no, I am not stupid--I am constantly experimenting to try to understand my reality), and while I could tell that it started a viral download, the discomfort was in bearable parameters, unlike the Amon-RA frequencies. So, I don't feel too well, but I surely don't feel as deathly ill as I did yesterday.

You know, it was interesting to see photographs of Marianne Gingrich on the web. I can tell that the viral fluid is really swelling one side of her face, and the UPPER PART OF HER LOWER LIP. The viral fluid has the same effect on me, so that I look like I'm "rubbing" a big, old wad of snuff. She also suffers from MS, which is what the virus causes in me, as well. So, I am wondering if a genetic/biochemical inability to circulate the viral fluid causes MS-like symptoms. For that matter, was the virus responsible for Michelle Obama's father's MS? For that family was deep in the Amon-RA occult, even before the birth of their children. I am satisfied that the evidence is clear--Craig and Michelle Robinson were part of the same Amon-RA genetic experiments that conceived Barack Obama, and caused my autism--even if I choose not to document that evidence at present. Besides, I don't believe in beating a dead horse, and Barack Obama can kiss the Bilderberger, Merovingian/European royalty White ass all that he wants, but he is a dead horse. I would hope that he forgets about his narcissistic power-trips and work on his soul--and singing Al Green ain't gonna cut it.

As for me, I have to take advantage of feeling well, and must do some chores. Wonder what kind of day, I will have out in the big, wide world?

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