Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I keep experimenting

I keep experimenting to try to figure out what is being done to me. The food that I am eating which has been tampered with at the point of sale, not only makes me autistic, but lethargic and ADHD at the same time. I am unable to concentrate or focus (ADHD), but also have a "don't care" kind of attitude. Of course, I always care, but I lose the passionate drive I usually have to understand and explain the realities that I explore. On top of all that, this tampered food causes muscle spasms. Since my back is so tight and unnaturally constricted, these spasms are painful to the point of debilitating. I try to struggle through it, but evn though I have skimmed the morning papr, I cannot do any in-depth research, even though I encountered a couple of really good articles.

To complicate matters further, I think that just the act of eating has an unusual effect upon me. I noticed this years ago when my torment first began. I was working at the time, and was accustomed to eating a light lunch (sandwich, small bag of chips, apple or orange), since I do not like having the afternoon "sleepies" when I am working. Well, my lunch menu never changed, but all of a sudden, I noticed that eating made me feel really weird. Of course, I was in the initial stages of exposure to the nano-virus, which gave me heavy metal poisoning, and so already I was struggling with health issues. However, it was indisputable that eating made it worse, much worse, so much so that I complained about it to my medical provider at the time. She smiled indulgently, but I really do think that the nano-virus is a metabolic disorder, and that when the body goes to metabolize fuel (digest the food), the virus fires up. That is why I have had so many problems experienced by diabetics ( a metabolic disorder), such as weight gain, neuropathic legs, inability of wounds to heal, neuropathic legs, nerve pain, etc).

So the question I have to ask myself is "how much do I fight back", and try to obtain uncontaminated food? I know that some of my food was not not contaminated at the point of sale, but within the house, so why spend a lot of money and effort to buy unaltered food, when someone can come in my house and tamper with it. The surest bet is to eat fast food (I am stalked everywhere, so anything that takes even a small amount of time to prepare, increases the risk of contamination). However, eating the junky, salty, fatty, artificial chemical crap that is in most fast food, makes me feel weird and ill as well, even if naturally so. I have felt really bad before with this virus; maybe I just need to put on my endurance shoes, and plow through.

It would help if I were in a place where I could make more accurate assessments about the circumstances and aliens impacting my life. However, I will be the first to admit that I am in a siege mentality, and that negatively impacts my ability to accurately discern the matters at hand. For example, most of the tampered food I eat makes me somewhat ill; however, sometimes I ingest something that the Amon-RA devotees have contaminated, and then, I get so violently ill, that I become nearly psychotic, and my head and body will start shaking involuntarily, to try to expel the poison. I think that these various alien factions are trying to activate the part of my DNA code that corresponds to their own. I think the Amon-RA frequencies are setting off my "Tall White" genes--which is why I become so enraged when it happens--that, and there is so much pressure on my brain that I become symptomatically combative. Once the Amon-RA poison is inside of me, it trumps takes over, and negatively exacerbates the consequences of all other viral products, so that figuring all of this out took several attempts.

Now, I need to decide how best to deal with it. Last night I dreamed that a man knocked on my door, and I yelled at him, "satanist". He put a newspaper down in front of another door and left. That is an example of what I mean by a siege mentality. I think the "man" was trying to provide me information, but I am so determined to try to protect my boundaries from "hostiles" that I am closed off to "friendlies" as well.

Well, the tampered food I ate for breakfast is really making me sleepy. I need to go lay down.

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