Sunday, January 15, 2012

In pain this morning

In pain this morning, as my upper back was shaved and mutilated last night, whittling me down smaller and smaller. I have a strong hunch as to the occult Faction that is claiming ownership of me now, but I want to have a fuller understanding before writing. However, it is hard to do the research, when my back hurts so bad, I can barely sit. Oh well--I will say it. I think the occult Jesuits/Opus Dei are the ones cutting on me now. More on that hypothesis later. Interesting dream that I had last night though. I dreamed that I was a boy, 8-10 years of age, who was being anally raped by an adult male. In the dream, I was crushed and desolated. Was I really raped in my dream, as part of an attempt to get me to synch with the MACHINE, or was it just an implant. I don't know, but it means that the occult Catholic blasphemers have finally admitted a psychological fact that I recognized years ago--my masculine psyche and spirit is much more impacted by anal rape than vaginal rape.

Ultimately, it won't make a difference. I may have an immature male psyche, but I have an full-grown, big-ballsy, MAN spirit and courage, and even rape is not going to get me plugged into the MACHINE, no matter how crushing to my self-worth. No, what really bothers me more than anything, are the continued mutilations, because they cause terrible pain, and make my shrunken and tightened body unbearable to inhabit. Now, even though I haven't done much in the way of a morning read, I am going to go watch vids. My back hurts to much to sit at the computer.

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