Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank God

Thank God, and all His helpers who give me the strength and grace to do what needs to be done. Once again, I think the New Madrid fault line dodged a major bullet (damned those malevolent Sirians are determined to blow out this country's heartland). I am sure that things are still tense--I see where a bona fide vampire, Jonah Hill, got an Oscar nod. You know, I never like to pass judgment on most celebrities if they are affected by the occult, because sometimes they are innocent victims, and I don't have time to waste trying to psyche-probe Hollywood stars, athletes, singers, performers, etc. However, sometimes it is clear as bell--and Mr. Hill is deeply involved in the negative vampiric occult.

As for me, I am very sick with whatever psychotropic drug I am on. It started last night, and even though I got the necessary break, so that I could go to the coffee house this morning and post the previous entry, I have been really sick ever since. I don't know what I am on, but I am nauseated, high, dizzy, and severely autistic. My blood sugar is doing crazy things, with my body starving for rare meat (thank God I had a steak in the fridge), yet as soon as I eat it, the nausea starts again.

I wanted to go for a little bike ride to scope out the extent of hostility directed to me. It helps not only to see who is stalking or protecting me, but biking along in nature, also opens up my spirit in an expansive, intuitive way. Being in the house kind of cramps it a little bit.

However, there is nothing for it. I am too autistic to keep my eyes open, so I am going to go watch some light hearted videos--you would be surprised, but even those give me insights. Speaking of which, the patriots in all countries of the world, need to be alert and a little paranoid. Those sounds that are in all areas of the globe, is indication of the Tall Whites trying to set off seismic faults through sonic vibration. I am not feeling anything imminent right now, but my Internet is back up, and I am checking the MSM news sites every couple of hours to see if anything rings alarm bells. I just keep praying that, no matter what, we stay one step ahead of these haters.

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