Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am having difficulty

I am having difficulty doing research. It is a combination of wikipedia being down (has limitations, but with my analytical skills I can get around them), one of my most useful web sites being out of service (hmmm, I wonder why?), and PAIN. Once more I was cut on last night and once again, I can barely sit, because of the pain from back muscles who don't have the strength to hold me up. When I am in pain, my ability to concentrate vanishes. So, I am not going to write much. However, in my dreams last night, the final impression was that something bad was going to down in Houston. I see where an Amon-RA devotee was murdered, but I am wondering if she was murdered by her own faction, because she did not have the guts to follow through with a planned terrorist strike against the assets associated with Faction 1. Since F1 is heavily identified with the petrochemical industry they would have lots of targets in the Houston area....and what about Jeb Bush going to China? Well, I will think on it a little more, but right now I am in too much pain.

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