Sunday, January 15, 2012

Well, it has been another lost day for me

Well, it has been another lost day for me--I don't know if I have been on drugs, or if I just am wiped out by last night's astral rape. Consciously, it doesn't bother me that much. I remember realizing several years ago that, while a rape in my youth would have been emotionally devastating to me, maturity has given me a solid spiritual foundation that enables me to bear even the most hateful of violations. Still, I am tired of constant assaults I endure. I tell myself that I am doing this so that no other child has to suffer as Caylee Anthony, Camden Pierce, Baby Lisa, Ayla Reynolds or Mir Mir. Yes, there will always be disturbed predators, but it should not be a tacitly approved cultural epidemic, which is what satanic/luciferian worship has brought into our world. Compared to what those poor children had to go through, I have gotten off lightly, for the satanic assault on me did not begin in earnest until I was a mature, spiritually self-aware adult.

Still, it is hard being so sick that one can barely move. I suffered with the "brain tumor" syndrome, a bad headache (congested brainstem), and stiff neck for most of the day. I forced myself to cook supper, but otherwise dragged around all day. My head is still hurting, so I am going to bed hoping for a better tomorrow.

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