Monday, January 9, 2012

Felt yucky and lethargic all day

Felt yucky and lethargic all day--f---ing female hormones being forced on me again. I can tell not only because of the low energy and lack of drive and ambitious, because my skin is as soft as a baby's bottom. Drives me nuts to feel it on myself. God gave me a hard body, not a soft body.

It is no use getting angry--I have been going through this same old shit in cycles for years, now. It's the same reason I don't get excited that a MACHINE operative, Bill Daley (check out his one live eye and his one dead eye), is out of the White House. I would remind patriots not to get too excited either. The KaBal KKK will make another move to get Obama on top. Yes, this denouement of the sordid nadir of American political history is in its last chapters, BUT NOT YET.

It is interesting that the Mav point guard, Delonte West was denied access to the White House, for the champion team meet and greet with Obama, ostensibly on a weapons charge from 2 years ago. Given the prevalence of weapons and assault charges committed by pro ball players, I thought the restriction was a little harsh. After all, the Secret Service would surely have equipment to detect a weapon. More amazing was his mature response about bad decisions in the past resulting in his ban from the White House. So, I checked a little further into young West, and whoa--that man had a massive MACHINE cranial alignment.

My first thought was, "thank God, the patriots are doing things right, and are protecting Obama". Then I read that the Secret Service denied that they banned the young athlete from the White House. Now, if it were the Patriot Leadership Team, acting behind the scenes, I think they would have remained quietly discreet. However, someone took action to ban young Delonte West, and upon reflection, I think it was Obama, and whoever is left of KaBal Kold Kadaver Klique in the White House.

You see, what any KaBalist knows is that nearly all members of the KaBAl KKK are mind-controlled. Almost certainly young West has nothing but the greatest admiration for Obama--on the conscious level, but unconsciously he can be used to carry out the agenda of whatever KaBalist Kadaver is flipping switches. Obama knows this quite well, from a lifetime of personal experience. He also knows that the KaBal KKK would never resort to something so crude as a conventional weapon. Instead, they would probably act by poison through touch (shaking hands would definitely do it--wow, think really, about the trust involved with these high level leaders shaking hands), or even a electromagnetic frequency zapper, which is what is used so often against me. Again, Obama knows of this from first hand experience. He couldn't wait to use it against Sens. Byrd and Ted Kennedy at his inauguration celebration. Now Sen. Byrd was a satanic pedophile, and Sen. Kennedy was deeply misguided in his trust of the religious/fundamentalist, dog-Sirian faction. However, both of those men were strong patrons of Sen. and candidate Obama, and he NEVER would have attained the presidency, however fraudulently, without their explicit, and behind-the-scenes support.

So, why could he not wait to electromagnetically "zap" them, at the first opportunity, making them ill, and sending them to the hospital? When I learned of this incident back in 2009, my worst fears as predicated by a critical (as in thoughtful) reading of his biography, were realized. This man is a hater, an ingrate, who never came to terms with the pain that he experienced in his dysfunctional, occult family, but instead reaped the benefits from his family while his hatred smolders inside. Obama has a narcissistic personality disorder so deep that he feels destructive hatred to whomever "creates" him, whether it be his family of origin (first he repudiates his White family, and then later he becomes complicit in the wrongful homicide of his grandmother), or the patrons responsible for his rise to power. Yes, he will smile, and obsequiously do whatever his KaBal masters requires, but he can't wait to destroy them.

This is why he is so dangerous. It is not the MACHINE which made him a monster. It is his own complete lack of character. Now, I realize that I am interpreting his biography without a lot of corresponding documentation, but you know what? I don't have time to do it. It is incredibly distressing to me how many intellectuals and journalists were so bamboozled by his biography. Yes, Bill Ayer's writing has flashes of brilliance, but how could a reader not see the simultaneous wooden prose that was evident? Or who could read his second book, and not ask how the styles of the two books could be more dissimilar?

I didn't use any esoteric knowledge to help me reach conclusion (except for the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is in my inner depths after a lifetime of prayer). I just know how to read critically. It is something that every college freshman who has taken English 101 should know. The world is full of nuances, lies and deceptions, many harmless, but others deeply dangerous. It scares me that our schools and colleges are matriculating students who don't know how to read text, because words are analogous to reality. We have to learn how to interpret text, just as we must interpret reality. I know that reading the Bible in an interpretative framework, helped to form and hone my skills at deconstructing text. However, all students should acquire this skill, if not in high school, absolutely in requisite college Humanities courses.

This doesn't mean the reader has to hate or judge, based on a negative interpretation. I formed an inner, highly negative opinion of Barack Obama, based on his books and the vacuity of his verbal rhetoric, but I hoped for the best. I really did. However, I was never deluded, and thus always prepared for the worst.

Now, Obams is currently contained, but I am just reminding everybody in the American Patriot Leadership Team, that this could change tomorrow. Every slimeball in the universe, in or out of our time, hopes to tap into a cohort which shares their same hatred and desire for destruction. You see, because Obama hates whatever creates him, he has a compulsive need to destroy this country, and given the weapons of mass destruction that are available, it could happen in an instant. Given how quickly the MACHINE can flip the switch in not only human brains, but Galactic alien brains, we must remain hyper-vigilant on all fronts, but not in a hateful way, but a loving way.

A lot of these flipped MACHINE-RA victims are basically good people. Some of them, especially of the Amon-RA variety are deeply wounded and haters, and we must be aware of that, or we will fall victim to the most profound evil. So everybody--watch out who you shake hands with, or allow in your proximity. If Obama knows enough to watch out for himself, even AGAINST A SEEMINGLY HARMLESS COMPADRE, so patriots of the world must do so, too.

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