Friday, January 13, 2012



Sometimes, even I ignore my own intuitive hunches. When I warned the Patriot Leadership Team to prepare for the next crisis, I had no idea that it was already upon us--and about to slam me down hard. I mean, I knew that another hard ball was going to be coming soon, but I thought that back to back terrorist plots was a bit much...and so it is, for good and honest persons. However, the factions of terrorists are constantly plotting to swarm the target (that would be the innocent and misled people of the world), and trump one another, so as to gain a pre-eminence in the "new order" resulting from the fallout of terrorist chaos.

You know, I have quit outlining everything of which I am aware--partly because so many others know more about the details than I do (but I still provide the propehtic cutting edge in crunch time), and partly because I don't spend a lot of time, filling in the blanks once a scenario has been resolved. Instead, I move on to the never ending stream of consciousness going on in my head, trying to piece together our true but hidden, world history, and how that is impacting these ongoing conflicts between occult factions, for that is really what is happening. Vying occult factions are fighting for power and dominance, while the overwhelming majority of humans are completely oblivious to the fact that they are pawns used to fuel these fights--whether by fighting and dying in unnecessary wars, or by an economic/income servitude that is designed to ultimately increase the concentration of wealth and power in an elite few.

However, I will say that Friday the 13th was supposed to be a day of mourning. You know, yesterday morning, when I realized that today would be a Friday the 13th, I told myself, "okay, don't do anything on that day--stay at home and thank your blessings that you are alive. Most people don't know, but Friday the 13th gets it superstitious label because it was on a Friday the 13th that King Phillip the Fair of France moved in a coordinated strike against the Templars, now one of the occult factions, but at the time, the bankers of Europe, and a respected military/religious order. However, arrest warrants went out simultaneously against all Templars on that day and nearly all were arrested, tortured for months and ultimately burned at the stake, though a few managed to sneak out to Scotland, with some treasure, relics and secrets, where the order survived as freemasonry.

Now, this whole story is very involved and complicated, and freemasonry itself, has split into various factions, sometimes based upon whichever tribe of ancient Israel is claimed as racial progenitor, and sometimes based on sheer power agendas and demonic alliances-- that is, with nefarious, or not ,stargate "watchers"---apparently there are 72 stargates in our univers. Very recently I have spoken of the liberal and conservative branches of Faction 2, and yesterday, I spent most of the day trying to figure out which occult faction was looking to slam whom, and right now my brain is stuffed and doesn't want to think about it anymore. Let me just say that another terrorist attack was thwarted in South Carolina, in Spartansburg, where BMW of Bavaria just agreed to invest nearly a billion dollars (the nerve of those "race traitors"!). Of course, it wasn't German Nazis who were going to execute the attack, but American Nazis--and oh yes, we have got quite a few, and while I don't want to bog down in detail, I will expose a murderer and ringleader of the event--Col. Mike Hutchinson of the 169th National Guard fighter wing (I hope I remember his name correctly, because I am without internet access, and typing this on notepad). Anyone who causes an innocent child to suffer, and then kills them in sacrifice, to bring demonic, supernatural blessings on massive evil acts that they think will propel them into power, deserves to be outed, and the Colonel was part of an Amon-RA satanic cult that tormented young "Mir Mir "(Amir) with cybernetic implants in the brain, and then killed him (search for SC toddler, Amir, Columbia). You know, it is bad enough that adults have to suffer the torment of those satanic implants--I know, because I have endured them for years, while they slowly have destroyed my body and vitality, but to put a child through that atrocity--it just is unbearable to think about it without acting on it, however belatedly. That was on the domestic front; on the international front, alied occult forces, both within Iran and in command of a US Navy warship, the USS Carl Vinson, were to instigate and stoke a "hot war" in the Arabian Sea, assisted by propaganda props such as the occult pawns who urinated on Taliban corpses.

So the patriots won this round--hopefully we get a little bit of a break, because I am without internet, although to be honest, IT WON'T STOP ME!! Yesterday, while doing my morning read, I started to pursue the evidence of KaBal KKK activity in SC, when all of a sudden, my cable modem died! Tech support wanted to send out a tech the following day, Friday the 13th, but of course, I demurred. However, I didn't know what was going on. My internet connection is protected at the same high levels that crashed it--had the KaBal pulled off a coup? Well, without internet, I couldn't tell, so of course, I went my local library to get online, when who should sit next to me, but a young, blonde Nazi--I can spot them a mile away--they are closed off from reality and full of purposeful anger. This young man made it easy for me, though--he was a wearing a panel sized military decal identifying San Clemente Island, the training home of Navy SEALS, with a sketchy, dead cow skull, symbolizing the Goat of Mendes/Baphomet! Now, a disclaimer--I think many of the SEALS are good men, but I do believe that their advanced training involves KaBal, mind-control brainwashing. I saw a SEAL interviewed by Bill O'Reilly, and you could literally see the mind compartmentalization and "alter" switches taking place--he would shut his eyes and slightly jolt his head when asked a question that accessed his emotions. Pretty scary stuff, and guess what, I was scared. My intuition started sounding alarm bells, so I made moves to ascertain the depth of the threat. I made a deposit at the bank--and there was another blonde Nazi there! Now about this time, I started noticing other individuals--Hispanics--who were trying to get my attention, but believe me, when I am in full blown paranoid mode, I DON'T TRUST ANYBODY!!

Some might think that a little extreme, but it has kept me alive, both in this 3D dimension, and in the astral dimensions. However, it would be a mistake to think that my paranoid mode is a mentally ill condition. Yes, I am moving about, seemingly aimless, but actually I am gathering information about what in my reality I can trust. Since, at that point, I don't trust anybody or anything, I have to slowly start buiilding an elemental trust awareness again, and since I know that the Sirians can "flip", and that I have practically no defense against a hostile alien should they act against me in this dimension, I am a nervous wreck until I get a trust wall established. Should I ever find myself in a place where I can not trust anything at all, then I fall back to my INNER trust wall, my faith, my spirit, my soul, but I concede defeat in the outer world at that point, so first, I want to know what I can trust in my outer reality. I may be overexaggerating the danger , but I really did pick up hostile intent from those Nazis, and since I eventually regained my composure, went to a different library branch, and pinpointed the SC attack, I think they really will be furious with me, now.

However, as soon as I finish this post, I will be off to the library to do my morning research. Because my limited wi-fi worked painfully slow for about a half hour this morning, I know that, yes indeed, the world is fine today. I will still be on the alert for Nazis, but I know now that there is a trust wall around me that will not let me be unduly harmed. Since this is Friday the 13th, and since the actions of that long ago day are imprinted in my unconscious, I still will be careful, and on the defensive,
You know, I am not ashamed to admit that I suffer fear, but I never let my fear prevent me from doing the right thing.

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