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I am so tantalizing close

I am so tantalizing close to presenting a clear picture of the occult KaBal reality impacting our world, and I have been trying to hold back until I could do so. However, two events have changed my mind. First of all, I see that American warships are off the coast of Iran. Now, I had assumed that the Nazis would wait until they had a better grip on the American political scene before instigating war, but that was an erroneous assumption. It never is smart to underestimate the audacity and evil stupidity of evil. Secondly, I was mutilated again, and am in severe pain, barely able to sit or walk, as well as being severely asthmatic--this probably was because the
Amon-RA vampires realized that I am not going to make it easy for them to destroy my brain even further.

Last night, I watched the movie, "The King's Speech", and I recognized the source of "Bertie's" affliction to be the same as mine. Reared in a severely strict, patriarchal household, and constricted by his public role as royalty, he was never allowed to own his feelings--and so whenever his outer reality and verbal duties required a response that touched on his fearfully constricted emotions, he would stammer. So, how did his therapist get him over this handicap? By insisting that he express his anger--the anger of a frustrated, stymied, emotionally repressed boy, who was afraid that verbal expression and emotional response would be rebuked. So Bertie learned to overcome his handicap by cursing out a blue string of profanity.

Now, I know that some timid souls have trouble with my foul mouth (and believe it or not, that too is a result of emotional repression and fear), and it is not something of which I am proud, but it serves a purpose. Like Bertie, I was denied emotional expression as a child. I didn't stammer. I just had great difficulty speaking. Testosterone and teenage anger at the abuse I experienced in my dysfunctional family, as well as learned verbal ability built upon imaginative immersion in novels, finally got me over that autistic hump. However, my profanity use did not start until I was in my late 30's and early 40's. Working in a prison for five years, I had picked up quite the blue vocabulary, but in five years, I only cursed once while working. The reason was simple--I demanded that the immature youths treat me with respect, and would confront them if they cursed at me, so therefore I could not curse at them.

However, in 1995, my world began to fall apart--I was abducted, abused, and even raped by aliens and their Amon-RA vampire minions, and clearly I felt that once again, I was not allowed emotional response. So, what did I do? I went to a monastery setting, where I was even further abused, not only emotionally, but spiritually. That is when my foul mouth really started to explode, which surprised even me, so that, practicing spiritual discipline at the time, I resolved to quit it by "giving it up for Lent". Unfortunately, my every day life became such a hell that spiritual discipline became a daily chore just to survive and function. Now, however, I clearly see that the abuse that I am enduring is constantly trying to force me back into my autistic handicap of silence and shame of my own emotions, so like Bertie, I have to let out a string of profanity, just to take back ownership of my own emotional awareness and response.

Now, another coping mechanism that I used as a teenager and young woman, was to understand my world, both outer and inner. I was/am driven to intellectual understanding of what is happening in order to assert my own response to it. When I was younger, half-baked ideological spurts did not bother, but after my Christian conversion experience, I matured, literally over night (or over three nights), and I became more sensitive to a holistic understanding of life as I perceived it--in short, I became "wise", and wisdom is a very underrated commodity in our world.

Now, most recently, I was trying to use the second coping mechanism--I was trying to be comprehensively fair, before I just spouted off--and as I am so close to putting it all together in an indisputable presentation, that I was just waiting for "the click" to happen. However, after waking up in such severe pain, once again having been mutilated in my sleep, I AM ROYALLY, FUCKING PISSED!! So now, it is the turn of my second coping mechanism to rise to the fore--righteous anger, and though I have no compulsion to curse liberally (I kind of lived it vicariously through Bertie last night), I am angry enough to start spouting off without the kind of rational documentation for which I was initially hoping.

My original hope was to start this post with a history lesson--a thorough, comprehensive history lesson. Forget that. You all will have to follow through with your own historical research. However, I will start with an image that ran on the "Drudge Report" for most of yesterday--the image of Ft. Sumter, South Carolina under bombardment--which of course started the Civil War. I think that Drudge's subtle point was that just as the secession of the South was encouraged by outside foreign interests, the civil war was directly instigated by outside foreign influences. Furthermore, in the SC Republican primary going on today, the seeds for foreign domination and American civil war are being sown

Now, I know that so many anti-Semites on the Web will point the finger at the Rothschild banking family of Britain--that is such a "misunderstimatation", as George Bush would say--and he would know, as he is part of the family which manipulates this huge occult conspiracy KaBal web. The so-called "City of London" is actually part of a large occult hydra with multiple factions. I am close to revealing the entire overlay; however ANGER compels me to shout out the little bit that I do know.

Yes indeed, Drudge's image has hit the nail on the head. The USA is being held hostage, and driven to civil strife, and perhaps war, by a foreign power--right now the Nazi Dutch Royal Family and their German Nazi friends. Now, before proceeding, I want to make three points clear. First of all--this is not an exhaustive list of negative KaBal power players--these are just the most imminently threatening ones. Secondly, not all Dutch people or government functionaries are Nazis; likewise for the Germans. As a matter of fact, I think Angela Merkel is a patriot--who has to fear for her life, just like the patriots in other countries do. Finally, not all royalty are evil KaBalists; Elizabeth Windsor has taken huge punches from well meaning and well versed conspiracy theorists like David Icke for years, but she too, has been a covert patriot--for decades.

However, there can be no denial of the fact that evil Sirian aliens have controlled the seats of power in all reaches of the world FOR EVER, or at least since the fall of Atlantis In the past they operated through a small clique of royalty, which in turn, went out and colonized the world. However, as the world's power parameters have expanded, so have they.

Today however, I want to focus on the Nazis--yes the same Nazis that originally boosted Hitler and which was responsible for worldwide destruction and the deaths of 50 million, including the Holocaust of the Jewish people. This is a fratricidal hatred, as the Nazis are descended from the same stock as the Tribe of Benjamin, and perhaps Judah. There is ABSOLUTELY NO RATIONALE for racial hatred--and especially to the genocidal proportions eagerly endorsed by these Nazis. Unfortunately, they have proven by their past that they are capable mass murder of innocents, and now they are salivating at the prospect of forcing it upon the world again. Make no mistake--while they hate the Jews with a special vehemence, that same hatred will lead them to destroy any and all peoples of the world in the process. You see, their alien patronage comes from a particularly vicious faction of Sirians--the tall Whites or Amalekites. Their obsession with racial purity was passed on via the Third Reich's obsession with "Aryan", blonde hair, blue-eyed purity, although many Aryans are actually swarthy or sallow olive in skin tone--brothers to the Jewish tribe of Benjamin.

Anyway, as most readers of this post know, the Nazis were not eradicated with the surrender of WWII. Instead, they migrated to havens in South America, given covert identities in the newly established security agencies of the USA, or even, went to inner Earth, via Antarctica. There, they continued to build their occult connections with malevolent aliens--reptiles and Grays--that Germany had managed to initiate in the 1930's. After the 1947 National Security Act, which allowed for a covert state security apparatus, ultimately unaccountable to no one, not even congressional representation of the American people, the next really big coup for the Nazis was the Eisenhower treaty with the aliens. All of the accounts that I have read give the date as Feb 20-21, though they differ on which AFB the treaty signing took place. By this treaty, the official American government allowed (malevolent) aliens to have literal bases in our country, while they abducted our people for so-called medical experiments. Now, there is some room for argument that many of the players and officials involved in this UFO, did not know how truly evil the ulterior agenda of these sinister aliens were. It is very possible that some of the bloodline Germans/freemasons involved in this conspiracy, were unaware of the Tall Whites' role in this hidden agenda. Rather they thought that they were supporting a more benevolent Sirian faction (ah, but did they know that these Sirians were themselves looking to colonize our planet--because the sun in the Sirius system was about to go supernova?).

This is no longer an issue, and unlike the Nazis, I do not recommend that anyone hold grudges of any kind or type--just let the past go, no matter how painful the betrayal or oppression. There are Sirian factions trying to help us, but unfortunately, it is clear to me, that they still are bound by these ancient factional grudges and hatreds (and I thought hillbillies held grudges for ever!). However, I think most people AND aliens of good will can agree that the Tall Whites pose the gravest danger to this population and planet--and that is the alien faction backing the Nazis.

After the treaty of February 1954, the next big advance by occult KaBalists was the formation of the Bilderbergers in late May of 1954. Before proceeding , I want to clarify my post from yesterday, when I wrote the term, "Bilderbergers/Merovingians" as if they were one and the same. I want to be clear that they are different, though sometimes they ally, and sometimes they fight. Right now, as I write this, they are fighting, which is why several French soldiers (representative of Merovingians) were killed in Afghanistan yesterday by Taliban (puppets of the same Amon/RA/Tall White faction that empower the Bilderbergers). This example is why I don't like writing out thoughts that are still incomplete--invariably I make mistakes that I need to address later. The other point I wish to make is that the majority of people who attend Bilderberger conferences are not evil--they are just the best and brightest from a wide variety of fields and professions, often honestly thinking that they can use their expertise to make the world a better place. They realize soon enough that the deck is stacked, and very few can learn how to hold their own in the game without selling out or giving up.

Now, I do not know that much about the Bilderbergers. I once dreamed that Maurice Strong was one of them. I know that the Dutch prince Bernhard was the prime mover in their formation. I know that Bernhard was a hard core Nazi sympathizer. I know that one of their most immediate objectives was to form/infiltrate and protect profiteering war industries (which is why by 1961, Eisenhower was has having to caution against the Military-Industrial complex, and why we got involved in the Vietnam war). I know that over half of the participants in the first Bilderberger conference, were German.

Now, I haven't really done thorough research into Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Royal family, just because the alternative media mostly gives them a pass (hmmmm, wonder why?). However, what I have read over the years, and what I know now have me convinced that the Dutch royal family is indeed Nazi. I will go further, and say that I had a profound intuitive hit when I started to research Queen Beatrix. I know the web is all abuzz about Web Bot's "mystery blonde woman". Forget the Ukrainian beauty--it is Queen Beatrix, who my intuitive spirit identifies as arguably the most evil woman in the world. You know, sometimes my intuition speaks to me from deep, left field. As I was looking at Queen Beatrix the other day, my intuition did that. It reminded of something I read years ago, written by a naturopathic doctor who had to flee for her life. She had serviced a clientele of the highest European elite, and was stunned, when a female client that she identified as a "top echelon leader of a small European country" told her nonchalantly to take care of herself, because soon, "we will begin 'culling' the herd". That memory "pinged" right on Queen Beatrix. I think it very likely that she was the leader of whom this doctor spoke--I remember that I spent a couple of hours googling for all female leaders of European countries, and could not find a "hit"; I never thought of googling for European royalty. At the very least, Queen Beatrix shares this exact sentiment; otherwise, I never would have remembered the exact quote that I forgot about years ago, while reading about her.

The first question asked by any reasonable person would likely be, "why the Bilderbergers?". Most people just can't understand how some individuals are driven, literally insane, by the lust for power. The Bilderberger move was just a post WWII grab for European power, that was specifically patronized by the aliens which are affiliated with the worship of Amon-RA. Now that includes the Tall Whites, but it also includes other Sirian factions, which is where this could get really deep into human factional history, but I must pass it over for now.

Let me just say that this Amon-RA complex loosely corresponds to the southern Mesopotamian/Persian/ complex which then went on to emigrate inhabitants to Austria, Hungary, France, and parts of Italy. Whether the Dutch people are part of this emigration pattern, or whether only the royal House of Orange is, I do not know. Check out the Dutch prince's royal monogram--it is classic Amon-RA symbology:

I also know that the Dutch has had dealings with the Jesuits/Vatican/Knights of Malta to the detriment of their colonized peopled for years (watch the movie, "The Mission"). I know that they named a South American colony, "Suriname" which literally means "bow to the sun" (aka worship of MACHINE-RA). Yes, they have been affiliated with Amon-RA for centuries. So, why wouldn't they ally with their Amon-RA cousins, the defeated Nazis, nursing dreams of vengeance and world conquest through alliances with evil aliens, sometimes from other timelines?

A reasonable person still might protest, "but why would someone like Maurice Strong be involved with this group?" Remember what I said before about various factions in this alliance--yes, some are racist and conservative, while others are incredibly tolerant and notably libertine and fiscally liberal. However, they WILL and do make alliances to serve their mutual agenda. Another historical fact that I too often forget myself, is that in 1995 the malevolent aliens and their human minions signed a peace treaty among themselvess, in order to facilitate their common agenda--the continued spiritual and etheric slavery of the human race. That is why all the occult factions of the world could cooperate in the attack on 9/11.

However, more than power and corporate schmoozing were on the agenda of this first Bilderberger conference. According to Michael Salla, one of the earliest whistleblowers of the KaBal/alien agenda, it was at this meeting where it was decided that secret funds and war stolen, or expatriated gold, would be used to finance relations and research with extraterrestials and space travel:

This all came about because Eisenhower entrusted Nelson (I think) Rockefeller to handle the alien agenda. Now, I can't blame Ike for handing off the project to somebody else to oversee. He was a military general whose pragmatic successes came from the battlefield. He could not have known of the KaBal which runs the world invisibly, from behind the scenes. Thus, he did not know that Rockefeller, and his sidekick, young Henry Kissinger, would immediately move to have the entire extraterrestial project put under complete and restricted control of the KaBal as dictated by the Bilderbergers. Thus, from nearly the very beginning, the KaBal has controlled, manipulated and used extraterrestial relations and technology to further their agenda--factional power moves and control of the human population.

Now, while it is well known now, that black ops funding have been used to build underground bases and reverse-engineered space craft, most people don't realize that our trip to the moon, as viewed on TV, was completely bogus. First of all, we could not have gotten to the moon without extraterrestrial help--and certainly we could not have made it to Mars, and established a base with experimental genetic and breeding programs, which is what we did. Precisely how we got to the moon, I don't know--there is plenty of material out there for the scientifically inclined. However, we DID get to the moon, and once there, we not only discovered reptilian bases (which we already knew, since it was the reptilian allies of Amon-RA, the Tall Whites, which helped us get there), but also MOON ROCKS.

However, these moon rocks are not merely fascinating chunks of extraterrestrial geology. They somehow have the latent potential to become sentient beings which can mind control and/or kill human beings. This of course, is a knowledge beyond our human comprehension, so once again, look for a fictionalized presentation to help you understand it--that would be the movie, "Apollo 18". Even before I watched that movie, I knew that it was true. It tells a story of an off-the-record Apollo mission, in which the astronauts are attacked by these moon rocks/vampiric spiders. That may sound like complete science fiction, but I my inner voice had already confirmed the existence of those vampiric spiders in the astral realm, a couple of weeks ago. Also, this movie was made by the Weinstein brothers. You want to see the face of decadent evil? Check out those brothers.

Now Hollywood has been run by the occult KaBal for years. However, the level of Amon-RA influence has increased radically in the last few years. The Weinstein brothers are just the latest, Merovingian/vampire flavor of the decade to come along, but they are wielding tremendous power. Hell, they had two of their vampire minions, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt send a message to Obama in hopes of getting him to figurehead the latest KaBal move.

Oh, I am getting ahead of myself. You know, it is so hard to write, when the brain is not fully primed. The words are not flowing, but everything is coming out haltingly, and I wish I could talk to somebody, which is easier when the brain just doesn't flow (it might be the psychotropic drugs I am on, but partly, it is the fact that I haven't figured everything out). So, going back, let me explain that at least one Merovingian faction is patronized by stargate watchers who are literally vampires. Most of their followers, however, are acolytes--wannabe vampires. I have seen literal vampires both human (the gnome at Smith's or the evil monster that tried to get in my head while in jail) and alien (a shapeshifter who thinks if it becomes a beautiful, blonde-haired, blue eyed woman, that my spirit won't run away and hide, wink wink).

The Weinstein brothers, no doubt through their KaBal connections, have gotten hold of these moon rocks/vampire spiders, and are using them to dominate and terrorize Hollywood. By the way, I could write a five page essay on the Amon-RA influence in Hollywood--of how actors/actresses/directors/producers have to literally succumb to evil influence or be written off. I only bring up the two previous actors because it pisses me off, that they would get so directly involved in bringing about a power revival of a totally worthless nincompoop (maybe they are impressed because he can dance and sing--that ain't leadership skills, folks. The cult of celebrity in this country is killing us).

How the Merovingians got their hands on these rocks, I am not sure--maybe through their association with the Bilderbergers, maybe through their association with their alien patrons. However, I think that more is required to activate the evilly sentient properties of the rocks. A certain sonic or electrical frequency isneeded to activate the vampiric organisms. Interestingly enough, there are literally hundreds of moon rocks which have been given away to leaders of various countries. I think that they are somehow associated with Mars. They may be on the surface of Mars, and they may be remnants of the invasion force that destroyed the surface of Mars (see all the electrical/lightning gashes on the planet). As a matter of fact, the Moon itself may have been the invading spheroid that seared this galaxy, and those rocks/parasitical spiders, capable of sucking the life and brains right out of humanoid life, may be responsible.

Now, I am going to digress a little bit, and venture out into a thought field that had not occurred to me before now. What if the power of the KaBal KKK, whether political (world leaders) or artistic (Hollywood), or spiritual (myself), all resides in who controls the vibration that turns the insentient "rock" or seemingly inorganic technology into a sentient, mind control vampire that can take up residence in the brain cause shooting pains in the head and behind the eyes, as well as "flip" the brain switches? My inner voice is telling me that I have one of those moon rocks/parasitical vampire spiders within me. It resides in the forehead.

Now, getting back to the political blackmail happening in this country, as I write. A few days ago, there was a story about Mars meteorites discovered in Morocco. The next day, Hillary met with the Algerian minister (the country next to Morocco, for those who are geographically challenged), and I could tell that the patriots of the world had taken a fall. Now remember, Algeria is a former French colony, and the French are associated with the Merovingians. I think that what happened was that the French/Merovingians made a power move, but that is not the end of the story, because somehow, the Dutch Bilderbergers/German Nazis got the upper hand over the French, which was even worse news for the patriots of the world, because these Nazis/Tall Whites want to start WWIII NOW!

This is why Barack Obama went on his big photo-op to Disneyworld, with him posed right in front of a castle based on several "European castles". He was declaring his allegiance to Bilderberger royalty. Now you will say, "but Obama is Black. Why would he hang out with racists?" Check this out:

Right now, this is the only time that I have seen the Obamas, and especially Barry, to be truly happy and excited to be in the presence of White people. Why? Because they are HIS people. They belong to a brotherhood that transcends even the skin color difference which has negatively obsessed and embittered him his entire life. They are all brethren in a satanic cult that is as centuries old--that of Amon-RA--the worship of the serpent and the MACHINE. Both Obamas come from inter-generational occult families, and Michelle is as devoted to the evil cult as he is. Check out her pictures. Look for the indentation at the temples where the parasitic implant eats out the brain. Look at her swollen chin right beneath her lips or the familiar jawline pouches.

My mind is going all over the place as I write this, so let me sketchily recap the line of my thought. Power (royal) families have been enthroned by virtue of their relations and subservience to extraterrestrial aliens from the beginning of our known history. In the 20th century, this modus operandi took a tremendous leap forward with the advance of science and technology. Various occult societies and power factions learned that the secret to controlling the leaders of a country was through a brain implant that can mind control, incapacitate, or kill, if the appropriate frequency is present. (Look at pictures of presidents in the previous century--even then the Amon-RA influence is discernible). There probably has been a power struggle between these rival factions and their alien benefactors since the beginning of time, and it still is ongoing. The Bilderberger (Dutch and Nazis) and Merovingian tug of war that just erupted within this week's span is just the latest manifestation. The world is in critical danger, because the Nazis insist on the extermination of the Jews, and they want it NOW.

This country is in critical danger, because the Dutch Bilderbergers/Nazis are blackmailing the Patriots by threatening to activate the Moon Rocks/Mars meteorites. Not only myself, but many people of note in every field of endeavor, including many patriots have those implants, but are able to control them, as long as they are not artifically activated. How can they be activated? Immediate electromagnetic "zap"--what I have written of how Obama made Sens. Byrd and Kennnedy ill is the laborious way, though for special people, like me, is always a good standby. I also think the solar flare that MACHINE-RA is directing from the sun, can electrify the entire atmosphere, setting off multiple implants. Remember too, we are not just talking about people. The story of the Martian rocks in Morocco means that they activate these rocks and they can just latch onto ordinary folk--people who do not have the sophistication to handle the rage and pain that these implants cause. Finally, I read that once again, the occult forces put a military satellite into orbit--that combined with the Grail satellites can triangulate to afflict any point on Earth. Can you imagine what would happen if any hot spot on Earth was so targeted. The people would literally tear each other apart--much to the amusement of the reptiles, and interest of the MACHINE.

In the meantime, the travesty continues. Corruption and media manipulation are now backing Gingrich to win the GOP nomination. Gingrich is the Republican candidate closest to Obama, insofar as like Obama, he has absolutely no character whatsoever, and will sell out to any bidder who gives him power. However, he would be more dangerous than Obama, because he is genuinely gifted with political skills, and would not be satisfied with a cult of celebrity standing, but insist on achieving his political objectives. Remember how he was running an end that ended with the non-sequitur of how he didn't speak French like Romney. That one had all the TV commentators puzzled--obviously, they aren't in the inner circle of occult knowledge. Or how about Gingrich giving his CNN interview from "Orangeburg, SC"?

Gingrich will never get the nomination--he's too damned opinionated and self-centered. No, the GOP just wants to force a convention brokered candidacy in which they nominate Jeb Bush, who has impeccable family credentials. Obama is jumping over the moon, too (hey, can I get some of those moon rocks for myself, so I can send them to whoever I want). After all, he knows if it is between Jeb Bush and himself, he has a 50/50 chance--even if the Bush family tries to steal the election via MACHINE fraud, as they did in both 2000 and 2004 (forget the hanging chads--the real scandal was in the software programming).

Do you understand now why Obama was crooning, "I'm so in love with you" to the Apollo theater. Again, what he was signalling was that he is so in love with the NASA Apollo Moon project. (Before you admire his "singing skills", let me advise you that I have seen evidence that the MACHINE can activate that,ex tempore, too). Why would Barry be so happy--apart from the fact that more than anything else, he craves adulation and praise? Because he is beside himself with joy at the thought of inflicting billions with this infestation of sentient evil, and of because his hater's heart is thrilled at the thought of seeing the Jewish nation wiped off the map. The Jews of this country have been among his biggest supporters--what complaint does he have with them? None, but he is a hater, and hatred has to have an object. When the Jews are obliterated, he and his band of KaBal KKK brothers will move on to another target.

As for me, I didn't set out to write this piece, and spent the first three hours, writing and deleting, writing and deleting. However, I finally got to what was most pressing in my unconscious, though again, I could do this so much more effectively via talking than by writing. There is still more that I want to say, but I have spent all day at the computer (not much to show for it, I know), so I am going to take a break. I looked out my window, yearning to go for a bike ride all day--it is too late now, but maybe I will walk up and down the alley a few times--wow, what an exciting life I lead...

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