Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last night was a rough ending

Last night was a rough ending to a really scary week. Only a teeny tiny segment of the population is aware of the great cosmic battles that raged last week, and I am one of them. I started to post what was happening a couple of times, but I kept wavering, thinking that silence might be a tactical advantage. We still are in a critical phase,approaching yet another climatic battle, and the Patriots will need every weapon and advantage we can claim.

I can say that there were multiple, challenging attacks this week, all of which resulted in success for the Patriots this week. However, I must caution all Patriots (and you know who you are), NO NOT GET COMPLACENT! Complacency leads to laziness, and laziness in the combat zone leads to error and tragedy, and we still are in a cosmic combat zone. Even though it seems that the effective range of evil is rapidly shrinking, do not underestimate their ability to reach out from their hidey holes, and create death and destruction. Of course, that goes for me, too. I remain hypervigilant on all fronts.

I also can say that this cosmic struggle between good and evil is manifest through temporal weapons and temporal rifts. It started with the Third Reich occult Nazis, and it continues through Fourth Reich (oh yeh, it exists) machinations, both in covert positions among the nations of the world, and through their bases in Antarctica and on Mars (wasn't it a hoot that the White House officially denied that Barack Obama had ever been to Mars? LOL--if you don't "get it", you are not a regular reader of this blog).

As for me, I am in maintenance mode. I am just reading books and watching sci-fi videos. Star Trek: Enterprise focuses a lot on the concept of a Temporal war--unfortunately, the writing of that series was not as strong as the other Star Trek shows (at least, in my humble opinion), so the plotlines and characters are not as memorable as the others). The other interesting development in the "Enterprise" series was that for the first time, humans weren't the center and pinnacle of our known civilization. Instead, humanity is revealed to be brash adolescents in the cosmic scheme of things. That concept may not have set well with the viewers, but nevertheless, it is true.

There are a lot of other, more advanced races than us, and they often have acted as guardians and defenders of Earth, though many of them have been assimilated or co-opted into the MACHINE as well. There has also been warring and prejudice between them, but hopefully that is ending as well, as known Creation is slowly being liberated from the grip of evil.

However, there is a lot of work to do, and I got to get back to it. I suppose reading novels and watching sci-fi videos may seem sheer laziness to some people, but I never am passive in my pursuits. Everything has a purpose, and once more, I am trying to figure a lot of stuff out.

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