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Something's rotten in Florida

Something's rotten in Florida. The crash pile-up in Gainesville led me to do a little research to see if I could ascertain the cause of the possible sabotage and crash. As you may remember, about a week ago the Nazi and liberal wings of Amon-RA were fighting each other. That is why Spartansville, SC's BMW plant was the target of the Nazi extremists, and why the ancient, FL Cypress tree was mysteriously torched--apparently from the sky. The Cypress pine is an ancient symbol of the Amon-RA cult, going back to the day when Queen Semiramis built a bridge made of cypress, and if you look at pictures of 3rd Reich Nazi functions, you will sometimes see the trees displayed next to the swastika flag. However, as I mentioned, I think that maybe the Nazis and the racially tolerant wings of the serpentine cult have made a pact--and plans.

Those plans may be part of why little Ayla Reynolds disappeared. I am certain that it was for the same old cultic child sacrifices. Before she disappeared, her left arm was in a soft cast. It is in the left arm where the virus is the most powerful--the childhood vaccinations we receive as youngsters, is done almost always in the left arm, and its hidden, sinister purpose is to give the ancient,evil virus a safe haven, until activated by EM frequency. Oftentimes, an indication that someone is being appropriated by the reptilians of the MACHINE is the deformity of the left hand. I just saw a recent picture of Hitler that shows that, yes indeed, he was a devotee of Amon-RA (check out the thumb):

That same batch of released color photographs is where you can find the pictures of the cypress trees, though I lost the link.

The KaBal is even prepping young children for this. Check out this picture of toddler Baby Lisa:

Again, notice the abnormally large digits of the left hand, and compare to the first half of her fingers that you can see in her right. Crazy as it is, these monsters are pumping the virus into babies. So I wonder if Ayla's "broken arm" was similar to Khameini's "broken arm"--an overdose of viral agent, and when the KaBalists realized that such a deformity could not be explained (remember the news said nothing of the broken arm or possible family abuse), the little girl was "disappeared". Where to? My guess is that the Bush clan and their vacationing Kennebunkport buddies have quite the cult establishment in their summer hometown. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if local law enforcement are compromised to some degree--just like they are in so many other localities where satanic cults flourish.

Anyway, what plans are the KaBal prepping for in Florida? Well, I am not positive that I am on the mark, but I found plenty of occult, KaBal types. I will start with the old-timers that I identified. First of all, Rep. Connie Mack, as was his father, and maybe even his grandfather before him (later in life, once he became affiliated with baseball, which I think was the original stage for KaBal corruption in professional sports, then the NBA, and now the NFL/AFL), are an intergenerational occult family, I do believe. Then I learned of Edwin H. Bowers, a prominent FL businessman who made great contribution to the founding of Florida Gulf Coast University. You can view his picture here:

Mr. Bowers was born and spent much of his adult life in Michigan. I was born in Detroit, so I have no ill will or prejudice in saying that Detroit was/is a hotbed of satanism. I do believe that serpentine aliens affiliated with the Amon-RA cult first did major genetic experiments on this country in this city. I posted his picture, because this is an example of clear early influence of the Amon-RA virus in someone--check out his eyes and ears. However, it was in researching his daughter and son-in-law, that I found possible linkage to the major crash up in Gainesville. The picture below has four KaBalists that my eye can immediately identify, but I will only follow up on the Korest couple:

Interesting name, Korest--it is so similar to Quresh/Koresh, the occult significance of which I have probed in a previous post. It basically is a name denoting identification with the sun god, RA. Marilyn spent her formative and college years in Michigan, as did her husband Alan. I did not have the resources to research further, but I suspect that he comes from an intergenerational occult family as well. The couple does very well in Florida. They own a business named "Kormar" Corporation, which I translate it as "sun sea". This would be a very interesting company to research if I had the resources. For now, however, I would like to focus attention on the company he founded in Michigan: "Plant Specialties" of Grand Rapids.

Now, to be fair, Mr. Korest sold the company decades ago. However this is a highly specialized operation, so I would like to paste a blurb from someone's online resume who worked there after the plant had changed ownership:

"PLANT SPECIALTIES COMPANY, Grand Rapids, MI 1980 – 1997
Designed and manufactured custom industrial temperature and humidity control systems, controlled-atmosphere produce storage systems, ammonia scrubbing systems, temperature control of heat-set web offset printing presses."

Now, what is interesting is the first seller to whom Mr. Korest sold the company--it was "Con Air" an occult Faction 2 company, which is common knowledge I picked up through the alternative news circles. Also, think of the movie with Nicholas Cage. Cage is an icon for the occult Templar community--a lazy person can begin digging the perspective of this Faction 2, just by watching Nicholas Cage movies. However, the company was then sold again--this time to VLT or Vought Airlines, under the auspices of the Carlyle Group.

Now, the Carlyle group is a major player on behalf of the Faction 1--something that is common knowledge even among the MSM literate. Of course, the big name behind it is George H.W. Bush, and the most clear, "101" presentation of the evil, behind-the-scenes culpability of this consortium, that I can think of off-hand is found in Michael Moore's presentation, "Farenheit 9 11". Now, I know that Michael Moore beats a one-note drum, but he does a lot of excellent work, and even detractors of his ultra-left perspective would learn a lot by watching his films. Anyway, this company at one point was very involved in the construction of aircraft (Hmmmmm).

I submit the hypothesis that what caused the Gainseville crash was created/exacerbated by the unusual smog. I think the smog was created by some local manufacturing plant or institution (government or the local college) that used equipment manufactured by "Plant Specialties", which had a back door that allowed the KaBal to hijack the atmospheric controls of effluvium. Or maybe, they had some help from a UFO in the sky. Or both. I can easily imagine an invisible chemical release from above, meeting with an invisible chemical release from below, and going "KAPOOEY" right in the middle.

I don't mean to make light of the tragedy. That is what the KaBal just don't get--the tremendous suffering and hardship that they cause. I deal with chronic back pain, caused in part, by automobile accidents, every day of my life. I guarantee you that there are individuals and families who are going to suffer, some for the rest of their lives, because of what happened today. Even if the body escaped injury, how many people do you think are suffering from significant hardship now because their car is damaged or totaled. FL has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. If you can't pay your mortgage, you sure can't pay your car insurance. So, I wonder, how many people in Gainseville are worried tonight about how they are going to get to work tomorrow.

The suffering of individuals never enters into the calculations of the KaBalists. It is all about sacrifice to their satanic "lords" which feed off the suffering of others. This brings me to the other part of "why Gainesville"? I think the area has occult significance because of the Indian burial mound that was built there years ago. Burial mounds are a "poor man's" pyramids. Anywhere there are these burial mounds, there has been occult activity in the past--and because of the reptilian/serpentine invasion that scarred our human race back at the time of the Fall, the occult memorials will be tinged with evil. I have said it before, but I will say it again--all of these burial sites need to be identified and treated as potential markers for occult activity. If a lake or large body of water is near it (to act as a portal from the underworld, or a "parking garage" for a UFO), the scrutiny needs to be doubled. The burial mound in Gainesville is next to a truly spooky looking lake.

However, my research did not end there. However, my back is really bothering me, my mind is struggling to do make sense (I am not able to write with my usual facility and ease), and so it is time to go to bed. I had hoped that my brain might be working more normally, but it was premature optimism. I will finish this post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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