Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So drugged I can barely keep eyes open

So drugged I can barely keep eyes open--partly my fault. I ate what I knew to be contaminated food. I have learned that mostf the food that has been contaminated is done so by some faction of dog Sirians. It definitely has a negative impact on me--making me severely autistic, which is why I find it difficult to open my eyes. The Amon-RA zaps--which they do to the product while on the shelf (anticipating my purchases such as various health supplements), makes me extremely ill. So, I tried to see if I could handle the dog Sirian adulterated food. It was not a good idea. I know that I am on some kind of psychotropic drug, and it is complicating matters, but really I am so messed up that I am barely present to reality. Of course now, I want to go out and try to score a dinner from a fast food joint that is uncontaminated, but really, I am too sick to drive in this condition. It was an other relatively mild day, but I am way too sick to go for a bike ride. Nothing for it, but persevere.

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