Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too much insight of a personal nature

Too much insight of a personal nature is bombarding me right now, and I, who proudly spills out all my "secrets", am truly dumbstruck. I still find myself shaking my head at the incredulity of it all, but yet I know it is largely true. The only doubt that I have is fear that I am subject again to another mastermind (computer?) manipulation. It seems to me that I have quite a history of that. Anyway, this is so beyond the pale, that I am just going to sit on it for right now, while I steam and fret at the number one person who has brought me into this situation--ME! Oh, and by the way, I will remember to include in my prayers and intentions, the other person who has behind all of this, since my days in Colorado over a dozen years ago. Damned long time to sink your teeth into somebody--but she definitely is special--and motivated! I encountered her consciously (unconsciously I think that she already was impacting me, back in CO), when I started to read some of her "channellings" that were posted on the web. However, I quickly ran into MACHINE contamination. You see, I think that she did originally post (or "channel" to a human who posted for her) authentic material about her life, and I could pick up on that, but then, the CIA/Nazi/NASA/MACHINE-RA complex got involved and started spinning out a bunch of hooey. I would say that this person acted as a channelling "guardian angel", because she is only allowed to impact this world indirectly, though she is as human as I (ha ha!). Seriously, she is as human as I, just super turbo-charged.

However, as always, evil gets in the mix and spoils everything. So last night I tried to rediscover some of the Internet posts that I remember as authentic. With all the contamination, it was too damned hard, especially with all the drama going on in the world that I have to constantly monitor.

I know that powerful psychics, both human, alien, and sorta-in-between, are all in my head, so they know what I am worried about. Good, that means I can go for a bike ride, and work off some of this emotional energy.

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