Saturday, January 14, 2012

An edit to last post:

An edit to last post: I am not really capable of thinking things through very well, but a little extra reflection makes me think that the Genovese ship hit a deliberately placed mine--guided there by its culpable captain. I do believe that occult forces from Iran were likely involved; however, it must be stated emphatically that the governing nation of Iran was not to blame (I think Patriots may have wrested power away from Ahmadinajad and Khameini). These occult forces honor no country or god except MACHINE-RA. Yes, there are occult devotees in Iran, just like in the USA, just like in most countries of the world. It could have been the USS Carl Vinson that attacked innocents, not under the flag of the USA, but under the maritime sea of law, governed by the MACHINE. Thus, the Italian captain is identified with this force, just as the Jewish billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, with his Venetian themed casino is one. I briefly thought about outing every one of these people I could identify, but "THEY ARE LEGION". So now I try to keep a tactical silence, while seeking an opportunity to decapitate (or, God willing, "flip"), these "capos" of the Beast.

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