Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Political assassination is in the air

Political assassination is in the air--and the Ides of March is still over two months away. Apparently, the patriots are on top of the most imminent threat. However, I read that a second NJ congressman "died". Both of those state assembly reps were MACHINE-RA controlled (the most recently deceased one had a face like mine--a naturally small oval, filed away at the jawbones to allow the virus to flow to the cranium and face), so that these deaths were really murder. Why would the MACHINE murder ITS own? Because to MACHINE-RA, all humans are just pawns, to be sacrificed when it serves the MACHINE's agenda.

So what is the MACHINE's agenda? Well, NJ has been slated as the epicenter for terrorist destruction on several occasions. Maybe the KaBal think Homeland Security is weaker in NJ than in NY (because of course a WMD detonation would destroy much of the entire northeast part of the country). So once again, I am on alert for possible terrorist activity in NJ.

However, what I really think is prompting these murders is an attempt to intimidate the governor, Chris Christie, who is not only a patriot, but a strong man of virtue, to boot. I think Christie may be the unofficial front runner for the GOP vice-president, and the KaBal cannot bear it. While the Bilderbergers pushed for the waning possibility of Newt Gingrich, Faction 2 (the conservative/religiously fundamentalist faction) is backing Rick Santorum--a classic Opus Dei, mind-controlled drone, for those who wants to know what one looks, thinks, and acts like. Unfortunately, Santorum is a really weak candidate--not only ideologically un-electable, but also lacking in even basic political skills of communication and relations. I could say that I don't even know how he was elected to the Senate in PA in the first place, but the truth is that I already know. The KaBal is strong in PA, and I am sure that money and corruption paved his way, just like it did in Iowa.

So, to ensure the placement of their candidate, the Faction 2 KaBal has to "hand it to him on a plate"--as veep. Of course, this means that Romney better update the payout on his life insurance policy. Actually, I don't really think that Romney will be elected--I am placing my bet that this country finally gets it right, and somehow, we get Hillary Clinton in the oval office for the next four years. However, the danger to Chris Christie is palpable and real--if two other people are already dead, a third won't matter, and the one enemy that the MACHINE-RA cannot abide is a REAL MAN who owns and acts upon genuine conviction and values. Chris Christie may be a Republican, but I consider him a strong ally in the fight against evil, so I hope he gets some protection--it would be easy to force a heart attack upon him.

As for me, I got my own problems, suffering as I did another night of mutilation. I have been in pain all morning, but have forced myself to do my morning read. I took a Naxproxen within the first hour of waking, but it didn't help, but I am functional--just find it hard to get into a contemplative state for writing when I am in such pain. So, I am going to try to get some chores done, and if pain becomes unbearable, will become a couch potato.

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