Friday, November 11, 2011


11/11/11--I had hoped that the BIG BUST that was 11/11/11 WAS actually going to have some positive energy spread around. However, after feeling mellow all morning, I realize that the zoned out mood alteration is caused by biochemicals, rather than astrological configurations. Instead, I now attribute my passive state to lack of testosterone, rather than any feeling of peaceful calm. What happened on 11/11/11? You know, the planet Earth and the human population dodged a big one on that day, and I didn't catch it to the last minute. Of course, I have my reasons and excuses, but the BIGGEST TRUTH IS THAT I AM NOT ON MY "A" GAME, DUE TO THE LACK OF TESTOSTERONE.

I always say this, and I mean it with the greatest sincerity, that low testosterone halves my IQ--it makes my brain slow, sluggish, passive, and complacent, instead of probing, inquisitive, creative, and constantly firing and thinking out new hypotheses and possibilities. Right now, it is fricking stymied, which, for me, is not normal, especially when I have a bunch of new information, and today, visiting Dale, I got new info, which has me wondering about the similarity to Elenin/Elohim (I found myself pronouncing it like "Eloneen"). Was Elenin a supercomputer attempt to reprogram the human brains' "God consciousness"? If so, how did all the elements come into play?

This is where I need the brain to be working optimally, but it's not happening. While talking to Dale, I felt that something/someone was literally interfering with my brain. They may have been cherrypicking the deep unconscious to see what I knew about the 11/11/11 even (and make sure that nothing was revealed verbally). Or it may have just been trying to get a frequency lock on my brain. All I know for sure, is that I left feeling uneasy--like I had not talked to Dale at all, but to an empty suit who knew how to respond back (there was no "Dale" there). Of course, I am so fucking drugged up, and so low testosterone, that it could very well be me who was "vacant" during the session today.

I do want to say that I am not angry or blaming anybody or anything about the near miss. Everything has to go through my critical filter--which is not right 100% of the time either. Constant humility, constant caution, constant checking and rechecking of facts, and reliance on God and others.

It was the book of Revelation that led me to the hypothesis of the Elenin fiasco, but my critical filter also recognizes that this book, while holy canon, was actually written by a disciple(s) of "Amon" (read it for yourself, and how often "Amen" is addressed as a noun), and that the visions of John of Patmos were almost certainly, MACHINE-inspired. However, the Holy Spirit had the book placed in scripture for a reason, and that reason is for us to be on the alert for events as they manifest. And we ain't out of this treacherous patch, yet.

One particular scripture from Rev. caught my attention, and fired up my fighting spirit. That is the scripture about the two witnesses (for the living and true God), who fight the good fight against evil for 1260 days, and then the "beast of the Abyss" kills them. After three days and a faux resurrection, they are taken up to "the heavens" (READ, MACHINE-RA enslaves their brain and soul, wiring it to his mainframe for ITS continual amusement).

Of course, I recognize myself as one of the "witnesses", but who is the other? It is either Hillary Clinton, who really is not of the prophetic mold and vocation (except when she warned us about Barack Obama), but rather someone who is a person of action. She has the ability, leverage and connections to make things happen in the world of real events, and for some reason, she never has been mind-controlled (unlike her husband--who also is a tremendous warrior for the PLT). I said years ago, when I barely knew of her, that, after having read portions of Hillary's bio, that I thought that she was a latent mystic--and still had the same inner gifts that we mystics have. Of course, the bare-knuckled world of real politics knocked most of those gifts into hiding, but she still is a prime candidate for an indomitable witness to the living and true God.

The other candidate is the editor of RMN, Rayelan Allan, without whose constant resourcefulness and perseverance to publish her alternative news site, is my main source of "real news". I have never wanted to use her name before, because I wanted to avoid bringing any negative attention to her. However, if I am right, and she is a candidate to be killed and enslaved for centuries to MACHINE-RA, I think she deserves a heads-up, not only from me, but also financial support from the thousands of readers who daily peruse her web site. She also needs protection of a higher order than a personal Glock can provide. I feel that I owe her an apology for speaking imprudently earlier today. Low testosterone makes me autistic, and an autistic mindset gives me the social/emotional IQ of about 60 (when I am high testosterone, my brain moves so fast that I can run by my thoughts past an inner editor before blurting them out). So, as I am prone to do when I am autistic, I spoke about what I believe without concern for the ramifications of what I might say. I know from reading her book, that her husband was a skilled shape shifter, so either he was a Sirian alien, or he was a member of the human family who identified so strongly with Sirians that they taught him some of their deepest secrets. I do not mean any insult, nor would I hope that anyone would consider that an insult. I also spoke of her coming from a generational family of the occult. Again, I spoke without my inner editor reminding me that for most people of faith, "the occult" has perjorative connotations. We are reminded daily of this--from Sandusky to the teen girls who stabbed a man over 300 times, ect. However, there is a positive element to the occult as well. I would especially point to the Jewish Kabalists (notice how I did NOT spell it, "KaBalist"), many of whom have been earthy and hidden mystics throughout the long centuries. However, all it takes is one negative family, the Rothschilds, and peoples' prejudices come to the fore. When I say that Rayelan comes from an occult family, I mean that her immediate ancestors were schooled in astral travel, and that she was visited by aliens from other dimensions from a very early age. However, just as I am a representative of POSITIVE Christianity, she is a representative for the POSITIVE occult. She may be snookered by aliens sometimes, but her position gives her direct insight into matters that take me hours of research to penetrate. I say that she is a witness for the living and true God, because I do believe that she authenticates her knowledge and position against a true touchstone of an inner spiritituality, that I would call, "the Holy Spirit".

Anyway, I don't know either of these ladies, personally, but I know that this country would have been destroyed several times over without them, so I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I also have to say, that as for me, I am NOT GOING OUT LIKE THE WITNESSES FROM REV. I don't mind dying for the cause, but there is no way that I will put myself in a position where my brain is enslaved to the MACHINE. Nor will I starve my brain of the fuel it needs, testosterone, in order to be fully functional, just so some prejudiced, small-minded being gets a "breathing idol", ordered to their specifications.

So much for all my bravado--truth is, I am a physical and mental cripple right now. Time to go watch tv.

Oh PS--of course, the other reason I might as well put things out in the open is that these thoughts have already gone through my head--and guess what--some really evil beings constantly read my mind...

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