Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last night the MACHINE attempted to "blast" me

Last night the MACHINE attempted to "blast" me with the viral download that they use as a precursor to attempt full and successful invasion of one's brain and, ultimately, one's being. I recognize the download quite well now, since the excess female hormones, cause me to be dripping, sticky wet between my thighs. I know it is not pleasant to read about it--it sure isn't pleasant to experience it. In a way, though, I am lucky, because my unique hermaphroditic, intersexed physiology allows me to recognize clearly what is happening, whereas most men and women probably experience a noticeable but normal manifestation of un-triggered sexual arousal. The viral download also causes the severe autistic relation to reality and often I will start shaking my head, because my brain stem is too congested to function normally. Anyway, I was lying down, trying to sleep, knowing that I was fighting the MACHINE, when I felt a specifically directed blast in the right side of my brain. As a matter of fact, I instantly pinpointed the area that was blasted by an implant (it still is tender this morning). It was exactly where Michelangelo's Moses has a horn growing from his brains' right side. By feeling the left top side of my head, i can tell the corresponding left side is tender, too. However, I did not "feel" the blast on the left side as clearly as I felt it on the "right" side. The blast sensation was palpable and real. Now, I think any "horns" of Moses were caused by his genetic makeup, but now I am wondering if somehow the MACHINE is targeting certain areas of the brain, and either killing cells, or causing excessive cutaneous cell growth . I don't know. Once, the blast hit the right side of my brain, the intense pitch of the viral download stopped. Whatever brain structure is at this spot is key to the MACHINE's possession of a human being. Maybe, the genetic ability to "sprout horns" helps one to resist the MACHINE. I don't know enough about brain physiology to say--I can only report what I experience. This morning, my reads allowed me to identify more MACHINE-possessed individuals. Check out the below photo: The escorting police officer (at least he is wearing a vest that says "police") is of the Amon-RA cult. More troubling are a couple of congressional representatives that also trip off my intuitive counters of being controlled by the MACHINE. Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan is currently in Beirut to "investigate" the spy leaks that led to numerous CIA assets detained, tortured, and probably killed. Bullshit. He is there to find out what the patriots know about who was responsible, and if possible, to cover for them. If you compare his photos, you can see the tell-tale elongated chin which appears in later photos, but not earlier ones. Barack Obama has the same marker, which is even more evident in his grandfather, Stanley Dunham's unnaturally elongated chin in some photos and not others. Sad to say (I was born there), the state of Michigan has a very entrenched satanic presence in offices of political power. I never say much about him, but Gerald Ford was probably one of the most vicious satanic presidents that we ever have had in office, but he didn't leave much of a power footprint. Anyway, what really burns me about Rep. Rogers is that he was so vocally strident that Pvt. Bradley Manning should be executed. Pvt. Manning was the soldier directly responsible for downloading and releasing confidential State Dept. cables to Wikileaks. However, Manning was just a small fish, a mouthy, arrogant, and GAY patsy(oh yeh, this was when the conservative wing of the KaBal was pushing back against the repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell", and a gay patsy served multiple agendas). However, Rogers wasn't being an over-the-top patriot. Instead, he is part of the conspiracy that was REALLY responsible for the leaks. It was stars who ordered it, and bars which enabled it, and to protect the "big fish" in the scandal, Rogers wanted the hapless, stupid private to be shot, so that he would never speak--not even 40 years down the road. I thought about not revealing this, so that the real patriots on the ground could track Rogers contacts; however Amon-RA knows what I know, almost as soon as I think it, so there is little benefit in being silent. Another representative who I think is controlled by Amon-RA is Rep. Steve King of Iowa. I know nothing about this man or his politics--his face just jumped out of me when I was watching a video on Sorcha Faal's site, and i researched it a little further. That video probably has a couple more bona fide, hidden Nazis or occult types in it--I only have time to pursue the most compelling of imagery evidence.

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