Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am slowly trying to piece together

I am slowly trying to piece together what is going on in my 3D (or extradimensional) life. This is not easy, and so much of it has to do with dream interpretation, which of course can be analyzed from a whole slew of levels and perspectives. However, basically I think that I have been forbidden to communicate with Salusa, who is in extreme disfavor right now, because of the whole Elenin incident. That order comes "from the top", for I think Hillary Clinton is giving the order. Now consciously, this would pose a conflict for me, because just when everybody is "hating on" Salusa, I actually have a degree of sympathy for him--just as I have a degree of sympathy for all these aliens. I mean, for years, so many were "loving on" him, while I remained highly skeptical. I do not shift allegiances or regards easily.

I do believe that Salusa lied to us, about the Elenin incident. I also believe that he was hoping to bring some kind of good from it. Now, I understand that bringing good from the complete destruction of the northern hemisphere, 1/3rd of our lands and oceans, does not inspire confidence or loyalty. However, at this point, from where I stand, I DON'T TRUST ANY OF THE ALIENS, including the humanoid Sirians, with their controlling vibes. I think that each alien faction is pursuing their own self-interested agenda, and that at times, some or all of them, are pursuing the agenda of the MACHINE.

So what I do is gather information from all sides, so that I can better discern what is the truth and what is the lie. Right now, the dog Sirians are riding high, but guess what? I don't trust them any more not to destroy our planet to serve their agenda, than Salusa now has demonstrated in his culpability. I would like to keep lines of communication open with Salusa, because if, for nothing else, he can inform me of the hidden agendas of the dog Sirians--which I do believe that they have.

Now ultimately, in a perfect world, I would like to see the dog and cat Sirians reconcile their differences and mutual contempt, and work with us humans in a respectful partnership, so that all parties come away with a "win". If Salusa is enslaved to the MACHINE, I would attempt to free him the same way that I have attempted to free the "dog" Sirians. I just feel that I do not have the whole story of the Salusa "betrayal", and it bothers me that I am prevented from getting the whole truth.

How would I get at his side of the truth? Well, first of all, by talking to him (extradimensionally)--which has been forbidden. I also would attempt to read between the lines of his channeled posts. So, I did a search for his most recent channeling, and it is not him! I know Salusa's style, and this is a disinformation artist which has him proclaiming allegiance to Barack Obama! Bullshit. Obama is completely out of the picture now, and probably will be publicly tried and convicted in the years to come, so whoever is channeling through the Salusa brand wants to sow further lies and distrust regarding his character. I distrust disinformation artists of all types. Why smear Salusa? Well, my suspicion is so that we won't believe him should he attempt to reveal information harmful to the dog Sirian agenda.

I will tell you what my initial hunch is--and I could be wrong. Right now, through 2012, this planet is slated for an extinction level event--and all of the aliens visiting us, both hope to take advantage of that, AND assist us in the reconstruction of a new civilization of the new 26,0000 year epoch. The one exception could be (a faction of) the Pleidians, but they are elusive to find--and it is confusing, because I think some Sirians call themselves Pleidians.

However, this new civilization would be one that would "re-invent the wheel", so to speak. I think these alien factions are all trying to get "dibs" on this reconstruction of the "New Age", just like they are trying to get "dibs" on me. The dog Sirians see me as a crippled female, and Salusa sees me as a Black man. Well, another reason I want to keep the lines of communication open with Salusa, is that I would much rather be a Black man than a crippled female.

As I write this post, there is no doubt in my mind that the dog Sirians--and their Opus Dei/Jesuit minions are back on top, for I am suffering the same mental and physical handicaps that I did under their control years ago. So, I am in constant pain, and literally find it difficult to walk. The legs have both the nerve sensation of wanting to run and being completely dead at the same time. I know what is happening--it has happened before. My leg muscles are literally dying on my body--all the better to be the crippled girl the Sirians want so badly. I used to be able to persevere in exercise, but I no longer can. Yes, indeed, I am on my way to being the crippled female that these Sirians so much admire.

I also am suffering the same effects of brain stem strangulation, severe autism, and am walking around with the symptoms of someone who has a brain tumor. My house is a complete mess, as I can barely function, and sitting at my computer has become nearly intolerable, as my legs are itching with the throes of nerve death, as I write this, and I keep shaking my head, involuntarily, in order to get a clear enough mind to write.

Of course, I could be "hooked" by the lies of Salusa. I know that I am capable of being hoodwinked, because I have been in the past. However, my dreams seem to indicate otherwise. I know that my dreams can be manipulated, and so am wary, but overall, I get the impression that I don't know the full story of what went down with the Elenin event, and until I get it, my naturally curious mind will want to pursue and uncover the full truth.

However, I have been forbidden to communicate with Salusa. Consciously, I am very much into respecting the chain of command, especially when given by someone who I respect and trust, in this case, Hillary Clinton. However, I have ascertained over the years, that my unconscious is much less constrained, and my guess is that I am rebelling--though to be honest, I do not know if for good or ill. For I cannot truly gauge what is going on, when all I have to go on are dreams and disinformation posts.

Nothing for it, but to plug away, little by little, until the truth slowly, painfully reveals itself, and in my case--the emphasis is on the word, "pain", for I am in a period where, once again, life is miserable to the point of hatefulness.

There is deception and deceit all around, and I just want to get to the truth, which is very hard to do in my condition, and sadly, I don't see any hope of improvement in the near future.

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