Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I do need to apologize

I do need to apologize for the erroneous thinking, dream interpretation, and optimism found in the most recent couple of posts. Where do I start?

Let me begin by saying that I read a story recently about optimistic people having a different brain than others. I wondered, "was the high-octane optimism of my pre-Nazi, adult years the result of my brain structure?" Then the next thought was, "well then, since 2004, my brain has changed!". Yes, I used to be a hard-core optimist, but since being thrown in jail, a searing violation that originated because I trusted religious monks, I have lost my optimism. Now, I always think about the worst possible outcome of any situation. Yep, my brain has definitely changed. But then, there are the occasional lapses back into the world of sunny optimism, and that is what happened to me over the past two days.

You see, my intuition of something being terribly wrong, of Nazis once more pre-eminent in world and national affairs, was right on target. It just took me a while to figure it out, because I was so happy that Earth had been spared the Elenin "ELE"(extinction level event) disaster. I fundamentally misjudged the photos from the Chinese desert. I had a couple of different hypotheses, but neither of them applied. What those photos really indicated were live alien bases in the China desert. I think the one of the white lines is a stargate mechanism. Watching a show today on pyramids, I saw the same tell-tale patterned lines, which underlined a destroyed pyramid (it was the pyramid at Abu Rawash--I hope I got that right). More frightening to me is the circular grid with little oblong gashes dotting the landscape, for I believe those oblongs indicate a slew of hangars, and that in each of those hangars are one or more alien or Nazi reverse-engineered craft, ready to be released into the air, to wreak aerial destruction on this planet.

Which aliens are these? Actually, they left their trademark "placa". Rotate the image 25% (as it appears in most MSM images), and you will see the familiar (by now) teepeed A or V. Yes, once again, devotees of Amon-RA have terrorized the planet. I couldn't figure out why it was so important for Basiago to be discredited, but the poor guy just disclosed his revelation about Barack Obama being on Mars at the wrong time.

You see, evil is not a monolith. Factions separate into even smaller factions. There is not one "Amon-RA cult, but multiples. For the purpose of this post, I am going to break it down to specifically two, though I think there are others. I have previously termed these two Amon-RA cults, a liberal Faction 2 and a conservative Faction 2. The liberal Faction 2 is the Opus Dei/Jesuit, "cat" or occult Arab (Kurds, some Syriacs and some Iranians) devotees. I would also include the Nation of Islam, Tall Whites ("Amakelites"), Maurice Strong, and George Soros in this faction. Now, one word of caution--it is very possible that in some places, specifically in the Middle East, that very low-level devotees may not know the full extent of the evil of this cult. They are just dimly following a tradition that has been passed down in their families for centuries. This liberal Faction 2 is not racist--as a matter of fact, under the occult tutelage of Hans Kolvenbach in Lebanon, the Dunham (Obama) family was cultivated into a position of prominence within the cult.

The conservative branch of Faction 2 are what I call the Nazis. These are "yellow" or "cat" Sirians who originally settled in Mesopotamia. However, after the fall of the Tower of Babel/"Elohim" event, they emigrated to Europe--notably Germany, but also Austria, Hungary, and parts of Poland,Romania, and neighboring countries. What was the "Tower of Babel/Elohim" event? I suspect that it was a successful "Elenin event"--that reptilian stargates were opened, and reptilian invaders successfully landed on 3D Earth, destroying the known civilization. The reptiles were not on 3D Earth for long, but the yellow Sirians emigrated anyway, and having experienced the genetic reptilian incursion, they became obsessed with racial purity, which of course, culminated in the Nazis and eugenics. Included in this conservative branch of Faction 2 are not only occult Germans, but also the European freemasons, including the Knights Templar, and their Mormon spin-offs. The reason that Major Ed Dames was "bagging" Basagio, is because the former is a Nazi, an Amon-RA devotee who believes in the purity of the Aryan race. Obama probably DID go to Mars as a member of the (liberal) Faction 2 elite, and was propped up into the Presidency, for which he was a total failure, as far as successfully executing the hidden Amon-RA agenda. So now, the Nazis are busy re-writing history, disclaiming and disavowing any connection to the Black and incompetent puppet of the Amon-RA Faction 2. (Oh, by the way, Faction 1 concurred with Obama's selection/election, as well).

Now, a few other points. At least some of the "dog" or red Sirians have allied themselves with the Nazis. As a matter of fact, I think they have their own extinction level event plans for the planet. However, because I am dealing with speculation and theory, it is important that I maintain a tight focus, because too many hypotheticals makes reasoning very sloppy. Besides, right now the crisis is centered around the Nazi threat. I will deal with other threats as they arise. This IS a real and immediate crisis. The "Good Guys" of the planet effectively are blackmailed into capitulation to the Nazi agenda. Not only have the Nazis derailed all the positive plans that the "Terran patriots" (I have to come up with a more inclusive term, because a lot of politicos worldwide were in on this) painstakingly developed, but personally speaking, it is not pleasant being stalked by Nazis all along the bike trail. They have got a mean or thuggish spirit about them, though sometimes, they can look very respectable. In the past, I have talked of being stalked by Amon-RA types who remind me of law-enforcement. They have that look. Jerry Sandusky is an Amon-RA devotee (look at the flat nose bridge--that is because the MACHINE has elongated his cranium). Sexual abuse of children is rampant in this cult because like all evil cults, it relies on traumatizing the brain in order to exact blind obedience from its followers. It makes me sick to see Sandusky strutting about, but I had better get used to it. I fear a whole heap load of discouragement coming down the pike. So much for optimism.

Still, I have hope that the patriots of the planet will prevail--just not anytime soon. I figured out how I was misinterpreting my dream. I had thought that it was Hillary Clinton forbidding me to communicate with Salusa, because in my dream I saw my mother, and occasionally I project my mother onto Hillary. However, I was wrong. The mother image stood for the negative mother--the "Mother Church" which has sold me out on multiple occasions even though I no longer consider myself an adherent (and by the way, there ARE a lot of good people in the Catholic Church--I just happened to run into some really evil monsters). It also stood for my own personal mother, who, thanks to her husband, currently is affiliated with Amon-RA. I suppose it could represent a Hillary who has capitulated to the Nazis. As a condition, she may have agreed that I would no longer have communication with Salusa. Anyway, last night the Nazis succeeded in putting some goddamned implants in my brain that, I suspect, will ground me from all extradimensional flying. They fucking hurt like hell, and between that and the excessive fluid on my brain stem, I feel like shit all the time--with constant head pains and migraines. My eyeballs are frozen, and I am becoming more neurologically impaired, from not being able to walk to having difficulty swallowing. Still, I am a stubborn cuss. I will not serve the Nazis or the Nazi agenda. Never.

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