Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Drugged to the point of somnolence

Drugged to the point of somnolence all day. Can barely move without bumping into walls. Can't watch TV without falling asleep. I couldn't even go for a bike ride today. Too sick to care much about anything, though I don't think i am on lithium. Lithium gives me mood swings and fills me with anger. I am so drugged up that I dont have any anger. I dont have any feeling whatsoever. I have to say that I dont think theres anything wrong with my anger. It is a justified righteous anger--and I doubt most people could get thru the hell that is my every day life without being homicidal (men) or suicidal (women), for the drugs totally strip me of my humanity. Nobody likes that. I compromise. get mad, when i have the energy and let it go. too sick to have any anger today. just want day to be over and sleep.

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