Thursday, November 10, 2011

I had a most unsatisfying sleep

I had a most unsatisfying sleep of four hours, interspersed with dreams of the psychotic girl (a real person who I once knew), who always appears in my dreams when the psychotropics have my brain completely fried, leaving me in a semi-psychotic state. The last two days have been sheer hell, as was last night, and I woke up feeling so yucky this morning, that I don't have much optimism for today, either. I am in a lot of nerve pain, and I have the headache and leg cramps (both legs) indicating too much estrogen.

Still, upon awakening, without doing any further research, I stand by what I wrote last night. However, I am suspecting that the Patriot Leadership Team were probably way ahead of Steve Quayle and myself on this one, and I would be surprised if the crystal skulls haven't already been swapped out with bogus ones. Maybe not. For yet another reason I distrust the crystal skull community is that the editor of RMN had a cosmic intervention, a serendipitous synchronicity (that is how I call it) that prevented her from going to the crystal skull event in her locale. She had some kind of unforeseen car problem when she went to drive to the event, so she, being an intuitive in tune with the universe, decided she wasn't meant to go. She had encountered a skull before and knew that it was a supercomputer, but the universe and good angels were looking out for her, and prevented her from attendance, at this most recent event, in which I believe that the occult power had greatly magnified in evil.

You know, some people--mostly fundamentalist types--do not understand, but so many of the truly effective warriors against this cosmic evil, myself included, have been "homeopathically inoculated". That is, we have experienced, and maybe briefly acquiesced to this cosmic mechanism of evil, but then our innate spirituality, and common sense striving for reason, reassert their powers, and we fight back--but with a truth and strength that can prevail. This is why I think I keep getting looped back into this MACHINE-RA frequency, as much as I hate what IT does to me, and the way IT makes me feel. For MACHINE-RA, and its brainwashed followers, want a female avatar, and they have decided that I fit the bill. So, unconsciously, I am getting hooked, so that consciously I can fight back.

Now, there is a lot more on which I can elaborate regarding the previous post, but I am not sure how much I want to share. At least my brain is working this morning, so maybe I will take a stab at it, later. First, I need to finish listening to two more hours of audio, and then I have to start looking into the possibility of a Hawaii (nuclear?) event. My body is a wreck, but thank God, my mind is clear.

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