Friday, November 25, 2011

Cut on badly last night

Cut on badly last night and completely non-functional today. I am missing so much back muscle now, that it is an effort to breath. I am all belly and boobs. I guess the cutting is to facilitate the excessive spinal fluid, but it only makes me sick and autistic to the point of psychosis. I have been walking around all day as if i am in a high fever. I tried to watch tv--no good. I tried to read a book--it was difficult hold the 900 page tome. I can feel the tension along my spinal vertebra and adjoining muscles--there is not enough left to live healthily. I don't know if it is good or bad guys doing the cutting, but it would be helpful if I cooperate. I am only going to cooperate if I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that it is the good guys looking to abduct me. However, this is difficult to discern when I am as sick as i am.

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