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Because of pressing and imminent danger, and my own poor health, I am going to pass on an alert of utmost planetary urgency without solid corroboration. While I am not in good health, and have been on a psychotropic drugs that has my brain totally zombied out, the truth is that I don't have time to do the research to make meticulous connections. I hope that the following statements can be trusted by those who know my track record.

The Mayan crystal skulls are of evil origin and intent. I have listened to about one hour of Steve Quayle's show on Omega radio, and my intuition is sounding off nine-siren alarm bells.

I may not agree with everything, he says, but there is a lot with which I do concur. I especially AND MOST EMPHATICALLY agree with his analysis that the purpose of the 13 crystal skulls being brought together at various points, culminating in a ritual in Los Angeles (performed for the first time in 26,000 years), is to open up stargates which will let in demons from the abyss--whether they are from below or above or both, I cannot say. However, I think MACHINE-RA is trying to work in tandem with high-level evil reptilians to destroy this planet.

Now, I was a Religious Studies major in college, and hate maligning someone's beliefs without meticulous and diplomatic fact, but time is of the essence. Those skulls must be separated, because together they can create a frequency reasonance that will open up the "abyss from hell". The proximity of Elenin also has something to do with their ability to tap into the supercomputer of cosmic knowledge and/or history. I translate "Elenin" as "Lady of the Light" (nin is Sumerian for "lady"), and while, AT THIS POINT, I still think of Elenin as a positive event for humanity, the craft/planetoid was probably named by occult types. I think that the KaBalists hope to claim "Elenin" for MACHINE-RA and the destruction of Earth. As a matter of fact, I believe those skulls can not only open up the stargates to the abyss, but that their frequency reasonance can also open up the stargate of our sun, which will then be able to destroy Elenin (whether by intense flares or by reptilian craft attack emerging through the gate), and send it crashing, a dead rock into our planet. The magnitude of such a massive planetoid hitting the Earth would entail large scale death and destruction, not only of humans, but of much of biological and organic life.

I also think that a tremendous earthquake(s) will accompany this opening of the harmonic reasonance (probably most efficacious when Elenin is at perihelion, but I would not rule out a premature attempt--separate the skulls now!!!). Because I am American, I constantly worry about the New Madrid fault line, though there may be other areas at risk (the Mariana trench?--I am writing this half baked--I don't have time to be thorough--just throw out ideas). My fears about the New Madrid fault were confirmed after reading that one of the ritual stops of the skulls was the Serpent Mound in Ohio. Every single stop that the Mayans made on their itininary is a latent stargate (Manhattan probably was akin to Long Island/Montauk). However, the interesting thing about the Serpent Mound (and there are two more like them in Scotland and Ontario), is that not only do spiritual intuitives find it beset with evil, but the configuration correlates with the Thuban star, also known as Alpha Draconis--the primary star in the Draco constellation. Also interesting to note is that Sorcha Faal wrote a recent article about the extremely unusual and DRACONIAN action taken by the government to destroy huge acreage of trees around Bethel, Ohio. Bethel is about 15 miles from the serpent mound, and home to a large lake. I would recommend that our military fly over that lake--it may be home to submerged alien craft--or it just may be a gateway that opens, but those trees were to be sacrificied for a reason. Maybe the trees would muffle the electromagnetic waves necessary for resonance--interesting that compasses don't work properly in the area. Maybe the fault slippage is important there, and if they can get the Ohio river to run into the lake, they can stress the underlying fault lines. I dunno. Someone else is going to have to work on that.

The final piece in this electromagnetic trigger of the entire solar system's stargates are the cell phone towers. You know, back in the 90's when I briefly worked for a cell phone company, I couldn't understand why all the individual cell phone companies insisted on building their own towers, while they provided unapologetic and truly crappy service to their customers. I thought it would be much better for the environment if they all agreed to use the same tower network, and instead competed with one another for customer loyalty, based on providing excellent service. Aaaah, but such thinking on my part was of a bygone era--when capitalism still served consumers, instead of using them to make short term profits. Anyway, I now know that excessive numbers of cell phone towers create the electromagnetic pollution soup that the MACHINE-RA uses to enslave human brains to ITS frequency. I THINK THE CELL PHONE TOWERS WILL BE ESSENTIAL IN RELAYING/AMPLIFYING THE STARGATE HARMONIC REASONANCE. If there is any way those cell towers can be disabled/turned off/technically limited, it needs to happen during the next three or four days. The 11th is the peak day, but I also worry about the 10th, 12th, and 13th. know that such an attempt will totally snarl this country's livelihood (I myself only have a cell phone, and no landline), but believe me the potentially disastrous consequences are off the scale.

Well, that is all I am going to write for now. It is three in the morning, and I don't feel well. I now know that was deliberate. I have been so drugged all day that I felt high. I couldn't get my testosterone, but instead saw a alphabet security man exit the doctor's office as I entered. My scalp is breaking out in pimples from whatever drugs they are giving me, and so, I honestly don't know if tomorrow, I will be healthy enough to finish listening to Quayle's broadcast, much less flesh out my above thesis.
However, I know that I am basically on target. I am going to go to bed and pray.

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