Friday, November 18, 2011

I didnt even get four hours of productive time

I didnt even get four hours of productive time--so very sick day is completely nonfunctional. fantasizng about blowing my brains out. probably on psychotropics. in a lot of pain in ears and nerves. too sick to do much more than take pills to try to cope with pain. was out of bread and tortillas so forced myself to drive a couple of miles to grocery store. should not have driven--was psychotic and not in raeality. still am not--cant watch tv---cant see images pop up. freak me out. i am beginning to understand that ALL sirians are under the domination of reptiles. they may hate them, but they still are programmmed to obey them. anyway, this is a theory i am kicking around. not positive. i do fear that our skies are being sprayed with some kind of molecular globules that nest in trees. these globules may sparkle under certain conditions. these sparkling globules can be used to amplify the harmonic frequency that opens reptile star gates. unable to assist much in resistance. so drugged, hormonally derpived, and mutilated in body that all i have done is spent day in bed sleeping. too sick to wathc much t v. i was abducted by dog sirians last nite. they cut on me. amazing to me that they actually thin all the suffering i endured at their hands that i would have anything to do with them. bedtime

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