Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As best as I can figure out

As best as I can figure out, the dog or red Sirians have some kind of alliance with our government, and they are the ones drugging me with psychotropics. It is the same old shit that I have experienced for years, and yesterday, the drugging had me literally psychotic. This morning, it is just difficult to see straight. Apparently, I won't align with any one alien faction, so the dominant group operating here on this planet, "claims dibs" on me, despite my most vehement protestations. Nothing I can do, but suffer, and suffer I do. I am miserable in this body--not one part of it feels right to me. I have difficulty breathing, and it is because my oxygen meridian pathways have been blocked off. I can tell because, moving into different positions--like trying to touch my toes--makes breathing even more difficult. Right now, it is hard to see, because my eyeballs are frozen. i keep trying to function and stay positive, but it is difficult..

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