Saturday, November 19, 2011

Apparently, the patriots are preparing

Apparently, the patriots are preparing for yet another assault. I try to keep an intuitive eye out for occult dates. Upcoming is 11/22 (JFK'assassination, which basically inaugurated the "coming out" party for the NWO KaBal). There also is a partial solar eclipse happening after the Thanksgiving holiday. Sigh. No rest for the weary. I am very weary. My house is a wreck, and so is my health. I dreamed last night that I was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor who fought back against Hitler and the Nazis, and ended up incarcerated and executed. If you read Bonhoeffer's writings, you realize what a lonely fellow he was--first his beloved homeland fell into the grip of thugs hellbent on destruction, and then he chose to proactively resist in the political sphere, while most of his Christian peers went along with the Third Reich. It is fair to say that I feel like a prisoner of war. I was badly abused last night. I woke up with my shoulders and back aching from whatever the Amon-RA group did to it. I also am suffering from vaginal AND anal burning and pain. I have experienced this before, but never to such an extent. What it means is that the Amon-RA torturers are using mechanical vaginal penetration in an attempt to get me to orgasm to the MACHINE, so that they can override my neurological pathways, and completely mind control me. My poor genitals. I think they cut some more on them, too. It doesn't matter though. They will not succeed. However, I do feel very demoralized and low energy, so that it takes so much effort to try to figure out what is the KaBal's next move. It doesn't help that I am truly ill on whatever drugs they are forcing on me. I can only work for a couple of hours at at time, and then the nausea and fatigue hits. I don't have enough testosterone to really work the problem as I need to, but I pray that grace will come through. In the meantime, I will say that, yes indeed, I think another catastrophic event is scheduled for next week. I also want to say that a few nights ago, I dreamed of another planet in the solar system. Now, I see some waves coming through on this from "Captain Bill" who channels "Andromedans". I don't fully trust that channel, but his most recent posting corroborates a dream I had, in which a large, habitable Earth-like planet was in the system. Now, the question is, are those good guys or bad guys on that planet? Being cynical, I tend to lean towards the latter interpretation. Besides, "Niburu" was reported destroyed by credible sources, and yet, we still encounter major alien intervention--which especially seems to favor the Chinese. Is there another "White Dragon" planet out there? Let's not forget that some of the Egyptian Pharoah's (especially at the time of the Theban uprising--the time of chaos, looked very Asian--I am thinking of Ahmose I--if memory serves). You know, I never called the dragon planet that was destroyed, "Nibiru". I always called it "Planet X". I wonder if the planet in my dreams was the real Nibiru, or if maybe my concerns are exaggerated, and it really is a Pleidian towalong, brought in to save our solar system (aaaah, if I had a dollar for every time I read of "self-proclaimed Pleidians coming to the rescue....). I know that they are out there, but I doubt that they can intervene to the level that we would like. So, am I worried about everything going on out there? Yes and no? I trust in grace to help me uncover what needs to be revealed. I especially trust in grace, when I am so sick that I cannot maintain sustained concentration, and that is where I am at right now. God help me.

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