Thursday, November 17, 2011

I guess the Nazis are out

I guess the Nazis are out (all the spin about what the chinese photos were about--dead giveway), but unfortunatley for me, the "nice" Amon RA types hovering about me. sons of bitches dont get it. i keep trying to tell them taht i am not female, that the fucking drugs they fucking shove down my fucking throat are destrying me. cant stand on own two feet. too sick to watch tv. eyes cant process info. house a fmess . i had a bout four productive hours. read my morning paper, went for a bike ride, and spent rrest of day whishing i were dead. so fucking miserable, would rather be dead. instead a bunch of ninnies want me to be their girl avatar. FUCK ALL OF YOU STUPID ASSES. YOU DON'T GET IT, DEPTIET ALL MY BEST EFFORTS. bed now. hope towmoorrow is better

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