Friday, November 18, 2011

"Just one more morning I had to wake up with the blues"

"Just one more morning I had to wake up with the blues"---barely able to drag myself from the bed, completely overwhelmed with depression and the inability to relate to and with reality. Oh yeh, the goddamned religionists are pouring on the female hormones, and I am so fucked up that I can't fight back, but only stumble through life and sleep. House is a filthy mess, and as a matter of fact, washing dishes for the first timein two weeks is going to be a top priority today. cant live in a house this filthy--but in a way reflective of my being. i can 't live in this hateful, miserable female body from which i am so alienated that i no longer even feel it. Of course that is what the religionists want--an alienated female being to lead future generations of psychologically dependent beings down a spirituality of immaturity and enslavement. Oh, and in case I am not clear, I mean the Opus Dei/Amon RA cultists as the sorry assed cultists who make my life miserable. Between this mutilated body which is not capable of true being in the world, and the viral download, and the goddamned hateful female hormones, I can barely function. I only have about four hours of a day in which to get anything done. Chores are most important right now. Again can on ly shout out to those who expect me to be a female---get your fucking heads out 0of your fucking asses and look how fucking miserable and unproductive I am--it is the fucking goddamned evil spirit of lie and deception that misleads you and imprisons me. FUCK AMON RA, AND FUCK ITS OPUS DEI/JESUIT/RELIGIONIST vision of the futyure. All you people following that bullshit lie--get a grip on reality, life, and a sens of manhood/womanhood. As for me, I wonder how much longer I am going to be dominated by evil spirits in my sleep?

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