Monday, November 14, 2011

So sick all day today and yesterday evening

So sick all day today and yesterday evening that I am not functioning well. I am trying to get up the oomph to go for a little bike ride. The weather is gorgeous and my knees are swollen with all the excess fluid of the virus. It would do them good to get moving, and release some of that fluid. My face has been swollen with excess fluid for two days, my eyes are hard and swollen, and my teeth are all scrunched in my mouth, so that all the excess fluid fills my expanded cheek flesh. I have lost all nerve sensation in my inner cheeks. I hate seeing my face and eyes when I look like this, but I have no control over it. If I had a little testosterone, I might be able to get a little extra energy, but without it, there is not much I can do but lay around.

Interesting things are going on, though. Those photos of alien landing strips in China, that the MSM is splashing all over the US Internet and news, indicate that the State Dept and military realize the enormity of the potential threat, and are tipping their hand that whatever it takes, those landing strips need to disappear. I am too sick to venture forth a hypothesis, though I have a few ideas. Maybe later. What I really hope is that our diplomats, and those of China, now in Hawaii, can reach a mutually agreed understanding.

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