Sunday, November 27, 2011

MACHINE has doubled its efforts

MACHINE has doubled its efforts to enslave me. I am alive and mentally functional, though physically I am so sick and wracked with pain, that I wish i were knocked out, dead, anything, other than what I am. The MACHINE, and its Nazi minions are battering me so hard, because I am starting to remember certain thing---as a very young woman, I was viciously raped by Amon-RA devotees. Happened on at least two occasions. Memories are starting to come back, but I am too sick to string them together. Ideas and images are in my head, but too ill to present them. Anyway, Nazis are desperate. The Patriots of the world have set them back. Evil that is desperate is very dangerous. Ask the families of the twenty-odd dead Pakistanis. It was the goddamned Nazis of NATO planes which attacked those outfits--all trying to start the war they so desperately want. These evil Amon-RA cultists are everywhere--in every country, of every political and religious persuasion. This is their longed for time to destroy this world, and they are doing everything possible to succeed. The patriots of the world are everywhere trying to root out these rotten spiritual bastards, but it is an ongoing work. Everyone has to stay dili9gent, including me. I am thinking on things, but am too sick to write, but I hope that the psychics are picking things up, because it is too hard to communicate logically and rationally. I made a big mistake on Thanksgiving, when i went to my neighbors--I left my supplements and drugs at home. Every single one of them has been tampered with--I need to throw about a hundred dollars worth of stuff in the trash. I need to try and get me some new drugs--OTC pain killers, alcohol, etc. but i am too sick to drive. I woke up in such pain this morning that I took a vicodin within first hour of waking up. The pain was unbearable, from where they have cut on my shoulders and back. I need to go get some meds but I am too sick to drive. I did read the morning paper--nothing reallhy alarm tripping, unlike yesterday. I may be too sick to write for a while, but I still will read and think. Now, i go back and lay down and watch tv. only thing i can do in this condition.

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