Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finding it verry difficult to breathe

Finding it verry difficult to breathe--fantasizing about taking hits from oxygen tank. my have to go to hospital. my belly has gotten so much bigger. not fat. it is pregnant belly syndome caused by all the nanotrransmitters in my gut. may have gained weight, dont think so. but i cant belly breathe which is how i breathe. how i kept body oxygenated. used to be so fit, could breathe dep. now cant even breathe. cant pull air in. throat, what is left of it, all clogged with mucous, and and nose clogged. can feel implant in my face. hurts, hurts to breathe. go so fucking psychotic so fucking fast. due to impolants. dont have enough energy . back muscles cut so bad i dont think i have muscle strenth to belly breathe. when download hits i go psychotic. hope i dont have to go to hospital. dont trust anybody. even people i help and resuce. noine of them trustworthy. \\want to say that the Mexican illegal who just caught again in Pinal county arizona is member of occult cabal. cia has been running drugs into pinal county air bases for decades. two german nationals (Paperclip associated Nazis) executed when they lost drug money robbed a ban and killed someone. Sinoloa cartel very involved with the al-qaida/Amon RA contingent, and Brack Obama and Eric Holder were DELIBERATELY trying to get guns to Sinaoloa cartel so that they could wipe out the Zetas. Why? Major money in drugs. Their terrorist ops are expensive. i dont know who let mr. esquer go in the first place, but he is very involved (even if in a bit way) in occult operations (as is all of Sinaoloa cartel), and he should be interrogated and treated as such:

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