Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A quick follow-up post

A quick follow-up post--something "feels" very wrong, and I am not an advocate of any agenda except those that benefit my fellow humans and my country. I cannot get a solid grasp or understanding of the situation, but I know that the Nazis are back on top--the bona fide Nazis. You know, I recognize those Nazis, because I have encountered them before. They, along with their "dog" Sirian counterparts, were the ones responsible for putting implants in my body, removing all my eggs, and taking them to Mars, were they quickened and "cultivated" to become Brown slaves to the White Nazis, who wanted to use them as psychic foils for reptiles. They are also the ones who want me to be the "crippled girl" avatar.

This faction seeks to destroy the world as we know it, as surely as the Elenin project did. Salusa hoped to resurrect a new humanity with Africa as the centerpoint. These Nazis have the exact same destructive end in mind for Planet Earth. It's just that their hope for the future lies in keeping a small, eugenically "pure" (i.e., White only), contingent alive, initially on Mars.

You know, I sensed that Andrew Basagio is telling the truth, so I was surprised that Ed Dames, whom he identified as a teacher, went on Coast 2 Coast to repudiate Basagio's claim. I had identified Dames as part of the Nazi faction long ago--the same Nazi KaBal that warned us against Elenin. Why? Not because they were appalled at the destruction of the Earth, but because the reconstruction and new "God consciousness" would not be controlled by them, but by the Salusa/Elenin agenda. Now, I have not listened to everything that Basagio has to say, and I am certain that there are inaccuracies with which I would disagree, but I know that Ed Dames was flat out dissembling in his refutation of Basagio. Listen to the interview for yourself:


and you can discern how lame his repudiation is--he attempts to divert attention away from the thesis, by bringing in irrelevant concepts such as "tranpersonalism". I guess that even occult types are forbidden to outright lie. I really wasn't very interested in the latest Basagio account, because I learned long ago that yes, there is a human colony on Mars. Because the whole Mars subject causes pain to me, as the biological mother of human slaves born on Mars, I was just going to skip reading about his most recent allegations. After all, Barack Obama is toast--it doesn't really matter whether or not he has been to Mars. However, even before Dames, I read a post that was a high-level, sophisticated, disinformation smear against Basagio's most recent claims. Again, whenever that happens against anybody--Salusa, Basagio, or anyone else--I pay attention, and dig deeper. The next extinction level event will not hope to resurrect the future of humanity, in a primitive African setting. Instead, Blacks and Browns will be slaves (the Greys), while a few, pure Whites set out to explore the cosmos, starting with the colony on Mars.

People, can't you see how we are being played, victimized, by one faction or another? I guess that I am not so angry at Salusa, because I have always tried to maintain a critical perspective and filter on everything/everyone that I encounter. I never completely trusted Salusa, so I am not disappointed to learn that he was fooling us the entire time. I AM capable of being fooled, but I trust that God, most specifically the Holy Spirit of God, will lead me right. I do believe that humanity has a future, I do believe that we can get through 2012 without an extinction level event, but who and what do I precisely trust? I can only answer this on a day-by day, case-by-case basis. I admit I could be wrong about anything. However, I know when my intuition is warning me--and right now, the Nazis are rejoicing over how everything in the world is going their way. So, no, I do not feel comfortable regarding the current events situation right now.

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