Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am suffering from respiratory distress

I am suffering from respiratory distress--the most recent manipulation of my spine has left my body unable to oxygenate, and even lying down, I keep heaving to try to get my breath. It has been a horrible day--unable to move, because I am so sick with brain tumor syndrome. I would worry about my weight, due to the utter lack of exercise, but I have no appetite--no appetite for anything--food, life, or anything. I walked a couple of blocks and got my hair cut. When the stylist let me check out the back of my head, i was shocked. My small, round cranium is gone, and now I have an elongated rectangle--like Max Headroom. Just one more thing I hate about my changes to my appearance that these Nazis have done to me. They have literally taken everything away from me that I liked about myself--and for what? Anyway, I don't have much to say--I just am dreading going back to bed and dealing with the brain rushes that make it impossible to sleep. The only thing that gets me through that is vicodin, but I am low. Maybe I will go to the doctor tomorrow. I may need oxygen. My neighbor had major problems with his breathing when the virus was implanted in him. It could be structural, or it could be a lack of testosterone--all day I have struggling just to stand on my own two feet. It is shaping up to be a winter from hell.

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