Monday, November 21, 2011

More half-baked musings

More half-baked musings that I might as well post, because I suspect that they have been pulled from the "ether", or whatever philosophical term is used to designate the contents of an individuals' mind--maybe collective unconscious. You know, my mind is being teased to pursue this train of thought, but I am really sick and need to stay on target. I have been heavily drugged all day, and unable to do much of anything, as I have practically no energy, and my brain is finding it difficult to make connections. I am suffering from the low IQ caused by lack of testosterone, and everything is so difficult. Still, I will push through the brain drain to get through to some of the insights gleaned today. The first news I read today that really got my blood boiling was that Louis Freeh was going to head the investigation into the Penn State sex scandals. Hah!! The Penn State sex scandals are mired in Amon-RA illuminati mind-control abuse, and Louis Freeh is one of the top-ranking Opus Dei/Amon RA leaders in this country. He has been on my radar for a LONG time--ever since I read a convincing article that it was Freeh, not Bill Clinton, nor Janet Reno, who was responsible for the debacle at Waco, TX (sorry--unable to cite the reference right now). He was an assistant deputy director of the FBI at the time, and when Koresh went rogue, Freeh took actions to ensure that Koresh never got a chance to tell his side of the story, and then later stonewalled an investigation into the event. For you see, the whole Branch Davidian cult was a CIA "black-ops" gone bad, and given what I know about the black ops people, I don't think it was cult's promiscuous sex or child abuse that bothered them. No, I think David Koresh broke free of his CIA handlers, and once that happened, there was nothing to be done, but destroy him and all evidence that could be used to implicate Opus Dei, "black-ops CIA", and maybe even Freeh himself. The name "Koresh" itself indicates the Amon-RA occult affiliations of the Branch Davidian cult. It literally means "Likeness or image of the sun". Amon-RA, of course, is a cult fixated on the sun. This was a name that Koresh legally adopted once he was regarded as a leader in the cult. His original name was some bland, Anglo generic that I cannot even remember. The other interesting point that I encountered regarding that name is that there is a prominent Pakistani with the surname, "Quresh" who is starting to make major, behind-the-scenes move in the top political circles of Pakistan. I ran across that little gem trying to figure out what was behind the scandal involving the current Pakistani ambassador, Haqqani. James Jones said that he carried a message smearing both Haqqani and the Pakistani president, Zardari, in their relationships with the Pakistan military. However James Jones is another rotten apple that I have had on my radar for a long time--a complete drone to the Faction 2 agenda. I was so glad when he resigned (?), from the administration, but it looks like he just took his mischief-making to a different level. Now, for those who have been reading these posts for over a year or so, you know my contempt for Zardari--he is a mind-controlled puppet of negative Faction 2, and I believe that he was in on the murder of his wife. However, he may be less of an Illuminati ideologue than some others might be. It was very interesting. The day after the alien and Nazi craft were neutralized on their Chinese desert grid, Zardari called for an emergency meeting with his generals. He probably was scared to death--always happy to do China's bidding, as long as he thought that the Bad Guys had that secret air base up their sleeves, but having second thoughts about putting Pakistan on the front line of a war, without guaranteed technological muscle to protect him and his cronies (I don't think he gives a damn about his country). Anyway, I am just speculating out loud, and I would only rate myself at about 70% accuracy. I hate being lazy in my research, and like to be more certain, before I throw out wild ideas, but I am too sick to pursue the confirmation I need. I can tell you, that it was after this meeting that Quresh starting making moves, resigning from his political party and hinting that he is about to make a big announcement on the 27th. I believe Quresh, who comes from a long line of Sufi notables, is Amon-RA "royalty", and that what is left of the Faction 2, Amon-RA cult, are hoping to replace Zardari with a man who has got a little more stomach for destroying his country than Zardari does. Haqqani is probably just a true diplomat, doing his job, attempting to resolve differences and pursuing peace, but again, I have not done my research into him, so I can not say so with the same level of conviction that I can that James Jones is a Faction 2 liar. You know, every time I think that we may yet avoid war with Pakistan, something like this happens. It seems that there are occult roaches under every rock we turn over. Every day I wake up and wonder who was "flipped" (as in switch) during the night, and worry about all the hot spots in the world. However, I have confidence that the patriots of the world (those who love their countries) will prevail, even on a day like today, when I am so drugged and low energy that I can barely move. One final comment: Interesting about Freeh being in charge of an ops that investigated Mafiosi who met at the local pizza parlor. I couldn't believe it when I read of how the ops was structured--even I, with no intelligence background, knew that it was flimsy in security. Sad to say, but it was probably all a set up, run by Freeh and/or his Opus Dei/AmonRA colleagues. I really feel sorry for any patriot who moves to fight terrorism in his own country, and ends up shafted by the agents for global evil who would destroy any country or person that gets in their way of complete and total slavery of the planet.

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