Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Angels watching over me, my Lord"

"Angels watching over me, my Lord"--that spiritual is the song that I keep humming to myself. I think my brain was very, even dangerously, inflamed last night, but aliens were able to cool it down. So I woke up still feeling sick, but as the morning wore on, I almost felt human, and was able to clean a little bit. For me, that was a good way to bring in Christmas Eve--with a clean living room! I got in a little Christmas "feeling", while cleaning by listening to Handel's "Messiah". Of course, life continues to be a struggle. The aliens keep constricting my rib cage, and I find myself often unable to breathe. It doesn't help that I keep getting fed estrogen, which completely clogs me up. It may also what is responsible for the constant tears--or maybe, it is Christmas. I do know that I am unable to concentrate--and it is testosterone that gives me my outstanding ability to read, concentrate, and research. However, I am not going to argue with excessive sentimentality on Christmas. I just hope that I get back to normal--I like myself better when my mind is functioning well, creative, probing and productive. It is getting harder and harder to actually endure the physical act of sitting--my mutilated back muscles and rib cage just don't have the ability to hold myself up. However, I think the world is in a good place for the holidays--hopefully, the good psychics followed up on that insight of generational satanism in Lebanon, MO...the satanists continue to hound me--they looked awfully sour today. Maybe they don't like Christmas--however, they just pervert it to fit their personal satanic beliefs. More likely, they just don't like to see me happy, which I was for most of the day. Now, it is time to watch TV...

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