Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stupidass KaBalists

Stupidass KaBalists have a great idea for addressing the severe asthma that has been attacking me, since they cut away, and constricted by upper rib cage and thoracic muscles. They just removed yet another rib, leaving me miserable, absolutely completely miserable in a body in which it is becoming impossible to move.

Didn't work. I still am asthma--not so much as before. Instead, I am dealing with terrible pain on my left side. Literaloy feels like I am getticked kicked with steel toed boots every few seconds. even tho the pain is specific to one spot on back, the whole left side feels bruised.

i figured out that what has been making my life hell is that the fuckers removed upper chest flsh and put implants to get viral fluid throug front. so sick because the botoom line is that my brain cant handle excessive viral fluid. in an instant, i can go semi=psychotic, and am afraid sooner or later i am going to have a serious epileptic seizure or aneurism. as it iis, i am so sick that barely functional--on top of the pain. brain rushes occuring agin--dont know why vicodin not working. try to figure it out later.

pissed off as i can be at the sickass, perveted cult that is doing this to me. saw one of the nazis who have hounded me for years. Looked like they just bought/rented out next door property. i confronted him and told him to stay away from my house. I think he may be cigarette smoking man, that leaves butts all around my door. tired of being nice. hard to be nice when you are in so much pain and sick suffering that you can barely shuffle feet or open eyes.

later, amon ra started stalking me again, at a grocery store. i just walked out. not going play that game. those perverted, sick, warped, rapist assholes make me sick. even if i feel sorry for them as victims--Casey Anthony--there is a deep narcissistic and spiritually parasitic nature to these KaBalist cultists, and I can spot them a mile.

as for me, i am just trying to spend a little bit of time every day, hoping for God to reveal anything i need to know, for i am much too sick to do any research on my own. its better that i dont know too much right now. theres things worth thinking about, and other things that i can let go. Gotta trust God to point me to what I NEED to know, and i do.

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