Friday, December 23, 2011

What a day from hell

What a day from hell! I finally drove in the truck that I knew a Sirian shapeshifter had poisoned with an energy weapon. It gave me the most severe headache I could ever imagine. I still am suffering. It put such fluid pressure on my mutilated joints that I could barely walk, but was dragging. I can't even begin to explain the hell that my emotions went through as i went into some kind of autistic, enraged fugue. Even now, I am suffering terribly with autism and headache--can barely keep eyes open. I find it impossible to concentrate, either on tv news, or reading the web. So fucking sick I just want to lay down and lie. Struggling to breathe--i thinkk it is a combination of not enough space in my ribcage and torso--because I have been breathless now fo a while, but also, the plugged nose caused by the goddamned estrogen. I am so fucking miserable, my suffering beyond belief. I cannot stand the body i am in. I hate the way these fucking Sirian dog pricks make me feel with their goddamned stupidity and implants. Most of all, I long for the days when I was happy and healthy in my body. need to lay down now and try to breathe.

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