Friday, December 30, 2011

I think I went on a reptile hunt last night

I think I went on a reptile hunt last night. I can't be sure, but I dreamed of two really nasty Jurassic Park killers--you know the ones that trill really sweetly, then spray venom in your face, then ruff out their hood, before they eat you alive. This time I got them, instead of them getting me.

I felt all out of sorts yesterday, with my energy all stymied, because I have lost an entire rib. Then on top of that, I was being blasted with viral downloads which had me going near psychotic. But you know what? I got proactively pissed off about it, and told off the Nazi neighbor, who I have known for over a year now is nothing but a bad news piece of crap. I recognized that he was a Nazi when I knocked on his door about a year and a half ago, to ask him to move a car out of the alley or something. But really, I am a slow burner. I can be moved to lashing anger, but it takes a while for me to get there--I constantly am double checking myself to make sure that it is not my personal problem or grievance in the way. I make allowances and forgive and try to see the other person's viewpoint, but when I have had it, I blow.

Even after looking the guy in his genetically manufactured blue eyes, I didn't get pissed. I started to get angry, when I realized that (as a blond hair, blue eyed Nazi), he was affiliated with a Martian Nazis who stole my eggs to breed my genetic children to be their spiritual and sexual slaves. That same weekend that I learned of that, I watched a videotape of an Air Force sergeant who told of being taken to the moon where she was raped repeatedly by blonde hair, blue-eyed men in military unfiorm, while reptiles assisted.

Now, for years, I had a large, framed poster print on my bathroom wall, of a beautiful full moon against a deep blue background of an ocean. It said something like "The world is as large as your imagination" (tells you what I think about--even on the toilet). Anyway, while I had enjoyed that poster print for years (being a "Moon Child", I have always had an affinity with the moon), the more I learned about the moon, and that it is a reptilian base used to control humans, the more uneasy and ambivalent I felt about the poster print. I would look at it and say, "I really should get this homage to reptilian mind control off my wall", but being easy going (and a "Moon Child", I would just let it slide past any action again and again). That is, until I heard the horror story of this Air Force veteran--Kerry Cassidy interviewed her on Project Camelot. That this decent, honest, and conscientious woman who gave four years of her life in military service to her country, was raped by military personnel in alliance with reptiles, just blew my temper wide open.

I pulled down the poster print, and took it outside, and began smashing it with a hammer--which was not an easy thing to do--my shoulders had just been mutilated for the first time, and I literally had difficulty swinging the hammer without flinging it. Mr. Nazi appeared in his backyard--though all I could see through his fence screen was a silhouette--no doubt to see what all the commotion was about. I was seething with rage and fury at the thought of abuse that my innocent children had endured, that this sincere Air Force veteran had endured, and no doubt, of my own, though still unconscious, memories of being raped by his cult kin. So I started singing some made up song at the top of my lungs about Nazis and rapists going to hell.

But guess what? I still wasn't mad enough to directly confront the guy and tell him to his face to stay the hell away from my house--that is, until yesterday. I don't know what happened to set me off--it was a case of "the straw that broke the camel's back', I guess. Anyway, the anger helped me get a reptile, and maybe two off my back, I think (so did someone else--on the astral plane). The evil bastards probably got a hold of me through implants and unconscious mind manipulation when I have been transported and abused in their space ships and centers (I know that I have been abducted to Mars). I don't say that I feel well, but I have to say that I feel a whole lot better.

And while I fully expect that I will be harassed and stalked by these sick KaBalists for some time to come, I know that I am determined to be completely closed off to those sick, warped perverts.

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