Friday, December 9, 2011

Events move rapidly

Events move rapidly, and this posting may already be outdated in real time, but I hate to throw "wild ideas" around, and then not support them in writing. The Patriot Leadership Team already may have recovered the missing drone with the stealth technology and biological weapon capacity. I hope so. If so, it is because patriots within Iran cooperated. You see, the reason I was so worried was that I realized that Khamenei was not the fundamentalist cleric I had assumed him to be, but rather an occult devotee of MACHINE-RA as well. With the loss of the drone, I began to investigate Iran's top leaders a little more closely. You know, if I am not drugged, I can often just look at a Westerner and recognize the telltale signs of someone whose inner spirit has been completely co-opted by evil. However, respect for cultural difference makes me more hesitant to make snap judgments on individuals from very different cultures. Of course, I knew that as an Iranian cleric, Khamenei would be a fundamentalist. Since I have a lack of regard for the narrow minds of any kind of religious fundamentalism, including that of Christianity, I just assumed that the disquiet I experienced in my impressions of him was just my own innate prejudice against religious intolerants and fundamentalists. However, when I sat down and started watching video feeds of the man, I could recognize the sly contempt of the evilly possessed--after all, I have gotten quite a lot of experience at this in the last couple of years. Then I noticed Khamenei's paralyzed arm and lame hand. Check out these links: What I gathered from these videos and photos is that this handicap was NOT caused by the purported MKO assassination attempt. As a matter of fact, as is clear from the video, the so-called attempt was completely bogus. However, it is important to watch the video of the bogus attack, because it is clear that Khamenei's right arm is already paralyzed. So the false flag was concocted to explain his paralysis. So, what caused his paralysis? As you can tell by looking at the lame hand, it has the exaggerated proportions of digits that I have wrote about before. This is a telltale sign of reptilian occult DNA "pushing", which the Tall White/Amalekite faction allied with MACHINE-RA uses to turn human bodies into reptilian hosts. I would be very surprised if Khamenei was not a reptilian shape shifter--but not of the victim variety, but of the "perp" type. I expect that his arm was paralyzed in a viral "pushing" accident. Once, in a dream, an alien injected me with something, and she told me to stay really still, or my muscle would be completely and permanently paralyzed. I think Khamenei moved, and he ended up with a handicapped arm. It does not give me pleasure to "out" these poor souls who have become possessed by evil, or mind-controlled to a MACHINE. Ultimately, they all are victims, too. However, I am grateful that there are enough good people around, who are able to make the hard decision to move to contain the ability of evil to act through these people. As for me, I continue to be on high alert for all possibilities. At any given time, I have individuals "on my radar". I guess that the psychics picked up my recent "outing" of Sen. Dick Durbin (and possibly Sen. Kirk?). You know, I am aware that many people in public life are showing signs of the facial viral downloads, but there were incriminating factors in Sen. Durbin's case (I did not really investigate deeply into Sen. Kirk--somebody else can do that). First of all, something has to alert me to investigate. I don't pore over the congressional web sites looking for allies of the MACHINE. For one thing, I don't have time--I just try to stay abreast with the constant designs of the KaBal. What triggered me to investigate Sen. Durbin was a cable news story about how he was trying to get a finished prison institution placed under jurisdiction of the federal government. Now, I heard this story, after reading multiple articles in the alternative press of how Halliburton was seeking detention camp subcontractors--i.e., they were tipping their hand to possible martial law and incarceration of patriots. I would be one of those people slated for incarceration, and I have already done six months of hard time, thanks to the DAMNED KaBal, so yes, I was on high alert. Clearly, both he and Sen. Kirk had the facial and cranial alterations going on. However, Sen. Durbin stuck out for a few other reasons. First of all he is from across the river of St. Louis, MO. Strange as it may seem, there is satanic activity in that area. Secondly, he went to Georgetown, both for his undergrad and J.D. degrees. The Jesuits have been very involved in the recruitment and grooming of possible candidates for the MACHINE. People who are very hooked into sacrificing their free will and vowing blind obedience, for the sake of religion, are the natural candidates for MACHINE mind-control. However, the real kicker was that he was a protege of another senator, Paul Douglas. Because Douglas was a Chicago politician, I checked him out a little more closely, and sure enough, this man who died decades ago, showed clear evidence of cranial and facial alteration consistent with that done by occult devotees of MACHINE-RA. So my guess is that Durbin was recruited and groomed by the occult community of Chicago/Illinois from a very early age. Again, I can not stress enough that this occult evil cuts across every possible marker of personal and social identity. Most of these individuals who are mind-controlled are not even aware of the evil that they are serving and enabling. One more year--if we can just get through 2012 alive, then I think we will be okay...

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