Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The most pain wracked night

The most pain wracked night i can remember in a long time. worst part about it, were that pain meds absolutely worthless. took 4 vicodin--absolutelyh no effect (as well as two tranamdol, two excedrin pm and one benadryl). woke up in agony--shoulders, back hurtin, while dealing with the excessive fluid on brain--brain tumor thing. could barelyu get to feel--bdy hurt so bad. first thing idid was go to the bott;e of whiskey i had bought to help me celebrate Christmas and New year (amazing that i got my hands on bottle of unadulterated whiskey--I have to drive around, trying to outsmart satansists to get it). anyway, i slammed down four shots with some coke, and immediatelyh, I felt better. so the question is am i on lithium? amazing thing that when i am on lithium, alohol makes me feel better.

certianly i aon sufferin from way too much fluid on brain, so much so that i recognize drinking could put me in a coma, in which case i can only hpe good guys blow my brains out. any kind of knock out preferalble to the hell that is my pain wracked and brain-tumor-stressed reality. working on secon installment of four shots of whiskey. want to go to sleep and bed, wake up feeling better. out of whiskey nwo, so nothing ic an do but hope that my hell ends. too sick to go anywhere or do anything. too drunk to drive now. dont feel drunk, but would never drive with the amt of alochol i have in me, just want to sleep, feel better.

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