Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another day of 18 hour sleep

Another day of 18 hour sleep, and even though I don't remember a thing, I must have done something good on the astral plane, because when I went to step outside to remove my empty trash bin from the curbside, an Amon-RA devotee was giving me "the glare". I get that whenever I trash talk them or pull the covers off one of their satanic operations. Does it bother me? Not really--i know that I am surrounded by creeps, perps, and pervs, all working really hard to get into my mind, and this guy, who lives right across from me, in one of the lower front apts (probably the middle one), knew what I was going to do (step out to get my trash bin), before I did it. I am used to it--i just wish I could have seen the university or sport name across his white hoodie. I have been stalked by Amon RA devotees (Templars), wearing "Notre Dame" ("Our Lady") hoodies. Of course, for them, "Our Lady" is Isis, and unfortunately for me, that is what they have decided to be my designated fate. Of course, I resist it, insisting upon my free will. However the more I learn of these brainwashed cultists, the more I realize that the evil they do extends far beyond me, which any brief reading of the news will reveal. So, what did I say/do in my sleep that got Mr. "White Hoodie" to give me the hate stare? Was it my research into the incredulous story of Donald Collins who set a boy on fire, and was never charged with a crime. Of course, I knew that Collins (like the Greens of Arizona) are an ancient occult family. I also know that this took place in an adjacent county to Liberty county, where dozens of graves of small children have been found, and covered up. Those are the graves of ritual victims of satanic sacrifices, and my guess is that young Don Collins witnessed a child being burned alive as a sacrifice, and emulated the ritual performance himself, on his young victim, Robbie Middleton. That was after he raped him. He is in jail now on a sex charge, and my years of experience in the criminal justice system tells me that Don Collins is a psychological monster. He is deeply wounded and depraved, and he will torture, rape and murder again and again and again--as long as his family connections provide him cover. It is absolutely amazing to me that a state that is as unforgiving to convicted criminals as Texas, have allowed this young man to remain free for years, while Robbie's life was stolen from him, forever, when he was eight years old, and finally died of complications from the burns, 10 years later. Then Roy Kronk is in the news. He is the meter reader who "found" little Caylee's body when he went to take a whiz in the woods. Wrong. He is a member of the Amon-RA cult, and he was told where the body was, when the Anthonys decided to sell out their daughter and pin the blame on her. It is not surprising to me that he works for a utility company--these cultists--even the least educated among them--are deliberately placed and advanced in strategic professions, and it is a little scary to wonder how many of them are in positions of sensitive operations and controls of utilities. Finally, I do believe that the Patriot Leadership Team avoided another attempt to force World War III--this time through Korea. There was the irregular shipment of 69 Patriot missiles, that were said to be going through China, but the official cover-up said that they were bound for South Korea. Here is my take (which could be wrong). Kim Jong-Il was murdered last week(common knowledge), and some heavy duty threats and blackmail were exchanged with Japan (the KaBal HATES Japan and wants to destroy the small island nation completely). Along the way, they wanted to create a tsunami that would destroy the Eastern seaboard by creating an volcanic earthquake off the Azores. Then, there was the virus found in the fowl of Hong Kong. The final part of the plan, should parts 1 and 2 fail, was that German Nazis load the Patriot missiles which were then shipped to China, which were then going to be directed to their ultimate destination, to be fired to start a Korean conflice--probably by North Korea on South Korea (but possibly by a rogue South Korean commander, salivating at the thought of power over a promised unified Korea). That was why Kim Jong-Il was murdered. He was getting soft in his old age, and was starting to address his people's starvation problems, instead of saber rattling. He was old and mature enough to think through his actions, and the KaBal wanted a malleable puppet, whose strings they could pull. Fortunately, for the entire world, the Finnish authorities found the missiles. Sadly, I do believe that there was at least one casualty in this volley of warmongering. I think young Ayla Reynolds was sacrificed as an offering to Satan for success by the same New England/Kennebunkport Maine community that had hoped to sacrifice the young Camden Pierce, before he died precipitously. Yes, many of the satanists are identified, and "in check", but not enough of them. So, along with the Patriot Leadership Team, I keep "doing my thing"--reading and researching to the best of my ability. To be honest, I haven't been able to do much. I am too sick most of the time to concentrate, and i am in constant nerve pain from where I have been mutilated--you name it, shoulders, back, hips, groin, pelvic girdle, ribs, ankles and wrists. On top of all that I have a constant sick headache, and today suffered from the semi-psychotic reaction from viral download that I only experience when my brain stem is completely swollen and overwhelmed. I could have done a better job of researching and writing this post, but I don't feel well, and my ribs and groing are hurting too much to sit any longer, so it is time to go back to bed. I feel like such a slug, but there is nothing for it right now.

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