Monday, December 26, 2011

I suffered terribly last night

I suffered terribly last night--completely unable to sleep--due to the spasms of my tightly constricted and abnormally arched upper back. The asthma became acute, and I kept coughing all night long, spitting up the mucous caused by the excessive estrogen and viral download.

I feel very, very sick today. I got through my reading of the morning paper, but am unable to concentrate on anything. I am in a lot of pain with this constricted chest, and the vertebra that is punching right in on my lungs. I am worried that I am going to come down with pneumonia, because I can't keep the mucous from my lungs, and my poor lungs are so inflamed that they constantly hurt.

I have a broncho-dilator somewhere, that I rarely use, since normally my asthma is caused by severe allergic reaction. As a matter of fact, I got that inhaler when a forest fire was making it impossible for me to breathe. Now, I find it difficult to breathe, because my back muscles are so abnormally tight and anatomically misplaced through alien manipulation. I don't know if a broncho-dilator is going to work. I may have to go to the doctor, and get a steroid inhaler. Right now, I am going to find the inhaler, and just lay down. It hurts to even sit up--back muscles are too spasmed and too constricting to even hold myself up.

I can't get sick. I just can't--but there is nothing I can do about the structural and anatomical maladjustments that are causing my respiratory distress. Well, first step--find the broncho-dilator...

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