Sunday, December 18, 2011

I was disappointed today as I listened to a brief

I was disappointed today as I listened to a brief commentary by Mike Huckabee, a religious conservative Republican. Huckabee seriously opposes nearly all civil rights for gays and lesbians, that I take for granted in 21st century America. However, he has a likeable personality, and so I have always overlooked his ideological shortcomings. The other day when I posted that the current crop of Republican candidates scare me, i was not exaggerating. I believe that, at this point in history, only someone with a flexible and open mind to the paradigm shift of reality that is unfolding, as well as someone connected, rooted, and aware of contemporary political dynamics, is capable of positive and healthy leadership into the future. Change is going to happen--whether it is positive or negative is going to depend on us. So far, under the watch of Hillary Clinton and the Patriot Leadership Team, this country has weathered incredible stresses and long odds against intact survival, but there is still an entire year left to go. I do the best I can to accommodate all beliefs, ideologies, and perspectives, while at the same time fighting to save my country. However, I recognize that everyone's most cherished beliefs, including my own, are going to have to change, as this next year unfolds. I am not causing or creating the change. I am trying to help humanity and my country stay afloat as the sea of change whirls around. Nor is any one alien faction or person trying to cause or create the change--they are all just trying to shape or own it. Broadly put, either this entire planet is either going to undergo a near extinction level event, or we are going to paradigm shift into a greater cosmic understanding of interdimensional and extraterrestrial reality. So I implore all people of fundamentalist mindset--and that would include Gov. Huckabee--to start praying for the grace to open oneself up to the possibility of change, because that is actually the better-case scenario. Gov. Huckabee was giving a commentary on Tim Tebow, whose recent exploits I exposed as being fixed by an alien faction. Tebow is a deep Christian, and the alien faction of fundamentalist "dog" Sirians, which have gravely abused and violated me, was propping him up as a poster boy for religion--but not an authentic and true religion--just a mind-controlled prop. Now, I have nothing against Tebow or the Christian faith. I do have something against lies and fixed games, which are used to manipulate and mind-control the masses. If anything, I was looking out for the young quarterback, because when the truth comes out (and guess what, people--it is all going to come out), he will look like a fool, and Jesus Christ and Christianity will be mocked. I don't want that. I wouldn't want that for anyone. Nor do I like watching games and athletes being reduced to entertainers in fixed, choreographed games. However, what I hate most of all, is religion being mocked by the absolute worst kind of blasphemers--people or aliens who really don't believe in any tenet of faith or spirit, but are insistent upon a rigid application of religion to keep people mind controlled and subjugated. A prominent atheist, Christopher Hitchins, just died, and every time that I saw him on TV, I would change the channel whenever he started to argue against Christianity. Atheism bores me, especially when I can tell that the source of it, is deep personal anger. However, I have more respect for an atheist who shouts, screams, and vociferates against religion, than I do for a blasphemer who follows the form of a religious tradition, saying all the right words, but who lacks heart, spirit, faith and love. For them, religion is a tool to be used to keep "useful idiots", "losers", "the masses" in obedience to a slavery run by Illuminati (in the know) elites. Well guess what, it is those exact same blasphemers and haters of authentic religion and spirituality who have been pumping up Tim Tebow. And get this--they are the exact same ones pumping up al-Qaida, and 19 year old Muslim youths to detonate themselves. I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Not only have I experienced years of the most heinous abuse at the hands of these beings--alien and human minions--but I have sat face to face and talked to them, not only in this 3D reality, but in the astral state as well. I have specifically brought up topics of faith, God, religion, just to gauge their response. I can absolutely, unequivocally, positively, 100%+, state with confidence that these beings are, at their worst, not only soulless, but downright evil. Yes indeed, they have been running this planet for millennia. That is why there has been so much suffering and senseless violence and hatred, and guess what--organized religion--you name it, for all confessions and denominations have been tainted-- has been a big huge front for these evil aliens. We finally have a chance to rid humanity of domination by these "fallen angels", and it is tricky business determining who and what can be trusted, and to what extent they can be trusted, and who and what cannot be trusted at all. So that is why I rail against this blasphemous, religious alien sect, and all their works, and I am sorry if the governor cannot see the Truth because he is blinded by an ideological loyalty to his version of religion. I respect and admire that Tim Tebow seems such a virtuous young man, but an Illuminati propped-up hero is still a phony prop, and we have enough of those, in every field of endeavor. I hope that one day, sports once again, will be a contest between athletes to demonstrate their skill and character, not just high-priced choreography to showcase one faction or another, or to make an ideological, or politically correct point. However, it was the last comment that Huckabee said, that really got me, and I am trying to quote it from memory, so I may have it a little bit wrong. After going through a spiel about how he was glad to have an athlete whose virtue and character he really admired (and with which I completely agreed), he made a comment about how he still believed in the two political parties in the 2012 election, "no matter what the 'dubious dreamers' say. Now, what Huckabee knows of this blog, or if he is just getting his information secondhand, from the political community ambit, I don't know. However, I feel the need to defend my recent prediction, even though I know that it seems incredible, right now. First of all, I would remind the governor, and anyone else who would ridicule or dismiss this prediction, that my "dubious dreams" have helped to save his native state on about four separate occasions. I may be wrong sometimes, but I have been correct often enough, to deserve a little respect. Secondly, the demise of the current two-party system is not a "dream" that I have. I still am a card-carrying member of the Democrat Party, even though I was SORELY tempted to change my voter registration to Independent during the month of August 2008. It was only the chuckles elicited by a web site that shared my sentiments (PUMA)--"Party Unity My Ass", which kept me from picking up the phone to call the county clerk's office (that, and the Clintons' appeal to us PUMA's). Even though I am affiliated with the Democrat Party, there are Republicans who I like and admire, and would rather see elected to office than their Democrat counterpart. So, let me state for the record that my fear that the Dem/Rep parties may be on the verge of collapse, goes back YEARS. I can't even recall exactly when was the first time I read a psychic prediction that the 2012/2016 election cycles would see a complete reordering in American politics, but it was at the very beginning of the conspiracy theory trip. It felt right to me then, and it feels right to me (I am speaking of intuition, not emotion), now--I am just unsure as to the specifics, which is a big deal, I know. However, I always assume the worst case scenario, and my intuition also confirms major and radical changes in 2012, so I think it likely that 2012 will be the year. Now, the governor may be suffering from the blindness of the virtuous. That is, because he is a man of honor and integrity, he really may not realize how corrupt his party has become (and I say the same thing about the Democrat party). How does he think it is going to play when Americans learn about 9/11 and the 10-year war in Iraq? That the Republican party has been full of full-blown, hard-core satanists (and yes, the same can be said for Dems), that the Republican presidents that they admire are pedophile placeholders while bureaucratic titans behind the scenes really run the country with drug running, graft, and a full blown desire to destroy this country? I think there ARE good and patriotic Republicans, just as there are good Democrats. That is why I gave them all a heads up. It is not some prediction for which I got paid or received any kind of satisfaction in making. It was a heads up for good and virtuous politicians of either/both parties to start thinking how they are going to weather the change. Realistically speaking (not intuitively), I do not see how it is possible for either party to survive the fallout of voter disillusionment that is almost certain to occur as the truth starts coming out. Remember Wikileaks? I may have found it deplorable, but it was a long term plan set up by the factions trying to destroy this country and bring about a NWO. I would not be at all surprised if they got another, similar plan, waiting to spring. The best (most efficacious) politicians of our country, have been compromised to some extent. The ones who don't have any dirt clinging to them, are the ones who have been tip-toeing around the brawl in the mud that is being fought between good and evil. Yet, voters will not be given the full picture--they will be shown what the KaBal wants them to see--so that the real and true fighters and champions of the American people--the patriots of both the Reps and the Dems--go down in ignominious scandal. As for me, I just wait. I wish i could say that it is an enjoyable and pleasant wait, but it is not. I am so sick with the drugs that I am given, and so mutilated and cut on, by my astral tormentors, that I am in CONSTANT pain and misery. I try to focus on small things, to stay abreast of current events, but I am suffering terribly. However, I think that it is going to be a while, before I do anything other than curl in a psychological fetal position. It is hard, but sometimes, it is best just to wait. I am getting too sick--need to go.

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