Thursday, December 8, 2011

My brain is starting to digest and think again,

My brain is starting to digest and think again, and I have spent all day reading. It feels good to have a brain that is capable of study and thought, but as usual, the more I know, the more I worry. My brain is still struggling to find words, but I will try to express myself... First of all, the loss of the drone that disappeared into Iran, is even more alarming than I had initially realized. You see, it was not only advanced technology that was compromised, but this drone also has aerosol spraying capability. Now, chemtrail spraying is now routine, but this drone is capable of carrying more sinister payload. It is capable of spraying agents of biological warfare, including a deadly, but seemingly commonplace mutant of a virus, from extreme high altitudes, and with such sophisticated stealth, that it is nearly invisible. Sorcha Faal has an article touching on this, and there is no doubt in my mind that the hijacked landing of the drone in Iran was a deliberate requisite in preparation for such a biological attack. Years ago, before I was alert for, or aware of conspiracy theories, I read a "Time" article on biological warfare, and how the ensuing death and social devastation would be the defining and tragic horror of the 21st century. I knew, even then, that the article was an honest messenger warning for our future. How can a country fight against such biological warfare, when it can be so easily disseminated into our air and water? I have some sympathy for the Saudi prince who insists that Saudi Arabia needs to procure weapons of mass destruction. It is the same old "MAD" (mutually assured destruction) strategy--you attack my country, and you WILL get payback. However, how many hundreds of millions, or even billions of people will die in such an exchange? Yet, that is exactly what the KaBal wants...a depopulated planet. Let the weak die, and the strong survive, and revive humanity from its pruned stock. Those people who would advocate or promulgate such an agenda are deeply immoral. They have no respect for the beauty and value of the individual human life and soul in all of its six-billion plus manifestations of being. In dialogue with Moses, God made it clear, the prime directive of humanity is to "choose life" not destruction and death. We all are mortal, and we all will die, but as long as we belong to a human community honoring our eternal souls, we will fight to enhance, protect and uplift our fellow human beings, not kill them. This is not abstract philosophizing on my part. I am very worried that the KaBal wants to destroy, not only the majority of people on this planet, but also the civilizations and cultures that we have developed-- completely raze everything to total ruin. I have to fight such a grim future. There is a lot of evil rot and corruption that needs to be uprooted from our midst, but I don't believe that humanity needs or requires some kind of draconian, apocalyptic "judgment day" in order to renew and redeem the stinking cesspool of power, greed, and violence that has agonized this planet and its people for so long. There is a lot of good that we have accomplished in and through our institutions, and instead of wholesale repudiation, I believe that a more gradual awakening and reform IS possible, even though the impending knowledge of our true history, true science, true metaphysics and true relations with the cosmos, will cause initial cognitive shock. Of course, such hope and faith on my part assumes that the planet survive through 2012 without a planetary extinction level event. That is what I am hoping for, and what I am working for, despite the relentless setbacks, and the loss of the drone was such a setback. be continued tomorrow--i am on some kind of drug that is knocking me out and I cannot keep my eyes open...

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