Sunday, December 25, 2011

No sooner am I grateful that "angels"

No sooner am I grateful that "angels" (good aliens), have intervened on my behalf than the following night I am tracked once more by negative aliens. I woke up with a yucky headache and nightmares of vampiric-type aliens, prayed to God to save me from being co-opted by the MACHINE, then went back to sleep. Then, I had a "psychic-type" dream. The dream was that the nation of Barbados was going to destroy Japan. In my dream, I saw Barbados as being a land mass adjoining Japan on the north side, and somehow it was pushing down on it to destroy the nation. These same destruction was going to destroy "Formosa" at the same time. Japan. Japan. Japan. I keep praying for you and the preservation of your people, yet I fear that your leaders/institutions are your own worst enemy. This morning, after waking up to see what was the mainstream news regarding Japan, I could only find note of whalers once more setting out to sea. I am not a Green activist, but I can tell you that whales are sentient beings of a much higher order than mere mammals, and this planet's survival is somehow dependent on them. Now, I am not sure precisely how this works, and I feel some ambivalence regarding the purpose and intentions of whales (are they guardians of an ancient alien civilization that wants to treat Earth as a vassalage planet?), but I do know that their survival is somehow key to our survival. There is a Star Trek movie (nearly all of these scripts are inspired by occult knowledge), in which a monitoring AI ship attacks the Earth if they do not hear whale song. I myself am not certain of precisely why these whales are important, but their extermination does not provide enough benefit to offset the damage and ill will caused by these ongoing hunts. However, it is not the Green activists who have launched the latest attack to bring down Japan. The following is a hypothesis, which may be inaccurate, or in need of tweaking in some details. However, I am not able to sit at my computer long enough to do the extensive research necessary, so people who have deeper knowledge and greater resources are going to have to follow through on this. Barbados is not connected to Japan. Russia and China are the only two land masses that are close enough to be the nation state that I saw as pushing the destruction of Japan. So here is my speculative hypothesis: Barbados actually refers to an offshore, KaBal-owned banking institution, similar in function to what Haitian banks did, before the tragic earthquake--which was designed to disrupt the covert transfer of billions of dollars passing through that country. This latest attempt to bring down Japan is financial in nature. I think the "front" bank that is involved is Scotia Bank, based in Canada, with Rick Waugh as CEO. If you look at pictures of Mr. Waugh, you can see evidence of MACHINE-manipulation--high ears, flat nose bridge, and pouchy jowls. However, the dead giveaway is found in this image: Look carefully at his wrists, and see how low his wrist knuckle is. I have the same low wist knuckle--it is caused by the literal pulling out and abnormal extension of the wrist, to facilitate the flow of the nano-viral flow into the hands and fingers. The upper protrusion, I also recognize--it is fluidic swelling caused by the pooling of the viral flow in narrow, constricted wrists--which is what necessitates the elongating of the wrists in the first place. Some other interesting tidbits about Rick Waugh include his ties with the Guanghua School of Management in Peking University (I don't know why they use that old spelling, but I have a guess, to be explained later). Now the Guanghua Educational Foundation is actually located in Hong Kong, and if I researched it further, I am sure that I would find ties to Li Ka Shing, the billionaire top man in Hong Kong. Just by the middle name, "Ka", which is a clear occult term, I believe this man to be the most visible representative of the Asian occult, probably now called, "the White Dragon" family, though it may have been called other names in the past. This Guanghua School of Management has other ties--most notably with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. Northwest University is rife with satanists at every level, and Kellogg was important in establishing Obama's candidacy. Again, if I had time to research it, I bet that I would find that Kellogg was the moving force behind the entire bogus, occult-inspired and led, Chicago Climate Exchange--that is, the whole Maurice Strong/Al Gore/9/11 insurance fraud/Barack Obama complex. Oh, and by the way, Maurice Strong and Rick Waugh have at least one documented, clear link that I was able to find--they both served on a board for some Canadian Human Rights foundation (hah!) Now--let's focus on the China aspect of this for a moment. Why is this "Guanghua School of Management of Peking University" named this? "Peking" is the old spelling for Beijing. I think the old spelling is used because Mr. Li Ka Shing is posturing to become the occult, behind-the-scenes kingpin of a united China. While he is allowed to freewheel in tiny Hong Kong, with utter impunity, I think he longs for the "good old days", when his "White Dragon" family ruled all of Imperial China, from behind the scenes, and the capital was still called, "Peking". The word, "Guanghua" is a territorial association affiliated with his Hong Kong base--and the title was bestowed, because of extremely large donations made to establish the school. In other words, Hong Kong wealth (Li Ka Shing), is responsible for this Chinese management school, which is actually quite global in connections--not only to Chicago and Canada, but also such institutions as UC Berkely and U of PA's Wharton School of Business (do I need to bring forth the evidence that satanism flourishes in both the CA bay area, and in pockets of PA?). My guess is that Li Ka Shing is hoping to force a virtual abdication of Chinese communism (whether by alliance with factions of the Chinese military, or by financial/extraterrestrial blackmail of the prevailing system. It isn't Mao's China, anymore! My dream clearly stated that the same destruction that brings down Japan is going to bring down Formosa. Formosa is the old word for Taiwan--Mr. Li Ka Shing is looking to conquer all of Taiwan, as well. Now, how is this all going to come about. Well again, since I am not privy to insider information, I can only guess. However, recent news articles have informed me, that following the cancellation of Prime Minister Noda's visit to the United States, he set up a visit to China. The reason he gave for cancelling the US visit was the tightness of the schedule of both Obama and Noda. Now, Obama doesn't have a tight schedule, since he is just a PR flunky. Since he is running out of sports teams to fete at the White House (even going back a score or more), he has plenty of time to cross his legs and talk mellifluously and worthlessly for televised "leadership" press conferences. Meanwhile, Noda had a free enough schedule to immediately schedule a visit to China, after cancellation of the US visit. So my guess is that Japan is biting hard on a big time bait from China, which is going to set up the big fall, which will take place through the Barbados front bank of Scotia Bank. Now, considering how hard the Patriots of the US, especially Hillary Clinton and her extraterrestrial connections worked to literally save the nation of Japan, I find it difficult to believe that Japan's leaders could not only reject an alliance with the USA, but that they could be so stupid as to fall into this trap. I don't identify with leaders, however, but with people, and I like the Japanese people, and their pluck and their resolve, their ingenuity, and their hard, hard work. So, Japanese patriots out there, be forewarned. Your leaders are about to sell you out to a destruction not seen since Hideji Tojo. It will end very badly for Japan--or so my "dubious dream" warned me...

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