Sunday, December 11, 2011

Once again, I am on the "late freight"

Once again, I am on the "late freight" in my understanding of what is happening in my unconscious life, but I have finally figured it out, and I couldn't be more unhappy about it. Apparently, a couple of nights ago, I helped to set Barack Obama free of his involuntary mind-control from Amon-RA. Now he is controlled by the dog Sirians, who basically, are the ones running this country right now, and pretty much the entire planet. I am not sure if it is the "slight build" faction of the dog Sirians, or the more swarthy and "regular build" of the dog Sirians, or both. I do know that these are the religious fundamentalists, who are looking to set up yet another, "planetary mind fuck" (Cliff High's term), to last us through the upcoming 2300 year eon, by foisting yet another mind control religion on humanity. Of course, right now they seem to be bent on invigorating a contemporary religion--fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity, whether Catholic or evangelical, would serve nicely. The most important truth about religion as planetary mind fuck, is that it actually hinders and even, prevents an authentic spirituality. Rather it creates spiritual slaves who sacrifice and submit their free will and open mind to the psychological mind control of submission to "God" and religion. Then it becomes so easy for the MACHINE to worm ITS way into the minds and institutions of humanity. So then, why did I assist in this process--which was a difficult and physically painful and exhausting thing to do? Am I mind-controlled by the MACHINE or the dog Sirians? I don't think so, because I still understand, consciously, what is happening, and resist it. First of all, I keep saying over and over again, that I wait for the day that the dog and cat Sirians are reconciled. I don't think that such reconciliation is on the immediate horizon. Even though, I personally, identify more as a cat Sirian, I have equal regard for the dog Sirians. However cat-identified psychics need to be very aware that some of the dog Sirians are looking to set up concentration camps in the Arctic circle. The magnetism of the poles prevent interdimensional travel. I think that is where Salusa spent decades. I know that Barack Obama would just as soon throw me and Hillary Clinton into such a camp, but the dog Sirians will protect me as long as they think that they can turn me into their avatar. Also, I have helped to save some dog Sirians from the MACHINE in the past, and unlike MISTER Obama, who has not a whit of gratitude, I believe some of the dog Sirians would act to protect my back. I will act to protect anyone's back---Salusa, Hillary Clinton, any patriot, or even an empty shirt with no content of character like Barack Obama. I figured out that it must have been Obama who I called "nigger". Consciously, I don't use that kind of language. While I recognize that literally it connotes a person of small worth who does not merit much respect, symbolically it carries a heritage of the hate and slavery imposed by Whites upon Blacks. Since consciously, I am White, I cannot use that word without identifying myself as being in the heritage of the hate. Unconsciously, I don't think race applies, since I have been Black in previous experience. Of course, I do not "hate" Mister Obama, or I would not have suffered so much to help save him. As he would say though, in his best and sonorous, acting voice, LET ME BE CLEAR. My low opinion of him hasn't changed one iota. I acted to save him because as a MAN, I am compelled to help all human, or sentient, beings to the best of my ability. I knew that i was saving a person with no sense of self or manhood, and even now, I know that he would just as soon kill me or imprison me, if he thought he could get away with it. Men (and all psychics out there who aspire to manhood, learn this) do not act to help and save others, because they "deserve it", because they are congruent with your ideology or agenda, or because of what they will do for you and your self esteem. Men act because the mature person (and it could be a woman as easily as a man, but for women it comes more naturally, whereas for men it is an acquired virtue) recognizes the worth of all sentient beings, regardless of circumstantial conditions or assessed value. You open the door for the elderly lady with sagging stockings, with the same aplomb and grace that you demonstrate for the "hot babe" in the prime of her beauty. Barack Obama has no depth of character or virtue of manhood, whatsoever. After reading both his books and studying the man for years, I think that he is a genuine hater and racist. However, first and foremost, my spiritual identity and convictions affirm that he is a human being, capable of, (dare I say) "change", conversion, and love of his fellow humans and God. So, I do not regret freeing him from the mind control of MACHINE-RA, not one bit. I wish that I could free all the souls in "hell". I do regret the fact that, once again, he is going to be the face of leadership in this country. Make no mistake, people, the fundamentalist dog Sirians are the ones who will really be running this country, for the foreseeable future. So, knowing all this, why did I act to help the fundamentalist dog Sirians re-install Mr. Obama? I think it was because unconsciously I knew the same thing I knew in 2008 when I, very reluctantly and heavy heart, decided to vote for him. Somehow, I know that this gives my country, my planet, my people (all of them--Americans, Terrans, Browns, Whites, Blacks, and Yellows, Human and Alien), the best chance for survival. Absolutely nothing has changed in my estimation of the future. I still hope that this country and planet can survive 2012, without major catastrophe. I still believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the gifted (and heavily laden) leader who will somehow, make this happen. All factions of aliens are betting on an extinction level event. Barack Obama couldn't lead a den of cub scouts in a campfire song. Joe Biden is sincere and capable, but doesn't have that fire in his belly. Not one single Republican candidate inspires me with anything other than outright fear. I admire Ron Paul's fierce honesty, but while he is dead on about so much of what is wrong with this country, he really doesn't have the vision to roll with the changes that the 2012 scenario are going to entail. Yet, we are in a dangerous and very vulnerable time. I am catching intuitive glimmers of the threat facing us. The lost drone with the biological agent weapons was just the tip of the iceberg. What is causing all of the helicopter and small aircraft crashes? When I try to research them, they seem to point to Amon-RA types involved. Are agents of the MACHINE already trying to spread aerosolized viral agents? One of the women involved in an aircraft accident, "walked into" a propeller blade, and chopped off her left hand in a "defensive" move. This phraseology came from a cable news anchor! Wake up America! How the hell does someone walk into a propeller, and then raise their hand in a defensive move. And yes, her parents were crying on camera, just like the Anthony parents (the young woman probably was resistant to the idea of attacking her homeland, and needed an "attitude check"). Then Drudge carried an article about the use of drones becoming increasingly commonplace, in the service of police. It is just a matter of time, before an armed drone commits a successful attack. So what is saving us? My guess--the dog Sirians. It does not serve their agenda that the USA succumb to biological attack--not just yet, anyway. So they are shooting down those aircraft, and yes, we need them, or the mortality rate from weaponized 'flu could well be over 50% of the country. I don't know what the short term agenda of the fundamentalist dog sirians is yet--maybe First Contact--but I know one thing for sure--they want an ass-kisser in place, not a genuine leader. Hence, Barack Obama, not the clone, is back in the White House, and Hillary Clinton needs to redouble her security efforts. However, I say this to everyone reading this blog--Hillary Clinton is the real President of this country. Not only does Obama have no leadership skill or ability (he is just a good actor), Hillary is the one who has proven that she can accomplish political objectives. Well, I still stand behind Hillary, and will certainly redouble all my efforts to help her in any way I can. It is just that this is not a time for action. For me, such an acceptance of patient suffering and waiting is nothing new--i have been doing it for years. However, I imagine it is excruciatingly counterintuitive to a person whose vocation is political action. I am not worried about Mr. Obama winning re-election. I don't think he will--at all. As a matter of fact, even with all the alien "heavies" guarding him, I still stand by what I said a few months earlier. I don't think he will have a long natural lifespan, although I certainly am not predicting an assassination--there is something macabre about even thinking about it, so I refuse to imaginatively "sit" with the idea, to see whether or not I get a "ping". I will just say that if I were Mr. Obama's friend, I would tell him to live each day as if it were his last. I am glad that his children got to see their father's mind restored. It is clear to intuitives (and children are very intuitive), when someone is brainwashed, and their parents' condition had to be distressing for them. What I am worried about is chaotic political upheaval. The KaBalists are going to try to undermine both political parties and all major political players, and it is not going to be that difficult. I think by 2016, it is very likely that both the Democrat and Republican party will be virtually dead--and that is a best case scenario prediction. I am more worried about the 2012 election, because I do not want to see Hillary Clinton victimized by half truths of dirty revelations. So the only thing I can recommend to others is the same thing I tell myself, "stay loose, stay flexible, stay alert, and STAY ALIVE". There will be an opening for action--I believe that as firmly as I believed in 2008 that Hillary Clinton would somehow find a way to save this country in an incompetent Obama administration, surrounded by enemies. However, be aware, that maybe radical change will come sooner than anyone expected, and have a plan to be ahead of that possibility. Be ready to make a move that defines your own selves, before you are defined by enemies--and especially stay one step ahead of the stench of the political corruption that is going to engulf the Obama White House--before November of 2012, nay before the summer of 2012.

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