Saturday, December 31, 2011

Am I worried about the GRAIL mission to the moon?

Am I worried about the GRAIL mission to the moon? Yes, but timing is everything, and I just feel that now is not the time for action. Of course, my rational consciousness could be wrong, and I am always open to insight--in whatever manner it chooses to reveal itself.

I am afraid that I am just going to continue to suffer for a while longer. I went shopping today, and could not find a safe place to buy groceries--so I bought some carryout. I was sick with the viral fluid most of the day, and it makes me ravenously hungry, so I got some prime rib to chow down on. It is going to get really tiring--and expensive--to eat carry out all the time. However, yesterday when I went to the dentist, I was in the north end of town, and I kept driving past motels/hotels that I spent 2-3 months sleeping in (while working full time!), all in attempt to save my life. The viral fluid, combined with the lithium was slowly killing my brain, but no one would listen to me--men in dark suits flashed badges, and basically could do what they wanted to me. Anyway, even the motel/hotel experience was a failure--about 2 dozen overnight stays, and one disastrous monthly rental was only successful about 80% of the time. The rest of the time, the room would be "bugged" or I would be harassed while I slept on the bathroom floor, with towels budging against the door cracks--at that time, I thought they were spraying invisible and odorless gas into the rooms, but I know now that they were/are using sonic frequencies to alter my brain neurochemistry. Anyway, I still have a warm, fuzzy feeling every time I passed an establishment where somehow, I managed to have a misery-free night.

So, I will get through this tampering with my food, even if I have no one or any service available to support me. At least I know the worst case scenario--and I managed to avoid it today, and I just live one day at a time. The thought of living on cheeseburgers for three months or so is not appealing, but it could be a lot worse. I will just look at it like an adventure. At least I know what I am fighting for.

I figured out that the tampered product that they want me to ingest is comprised of two separate compounds, and offered my two separate agendas/factions, one of which is more benign than others. One is to allow the brain to astral travel, but the other more malignant one is "reptile bait". Last night after eating the Amon-Ra tainted food, I suffered from the palpitating heart (and I no longer am in great physical condition, as i was once was), and high anxiety, that I recognized from my motel-hopping nights. However, I know now that this neurochemical state is designed to put the victim in a state of fear--to rouse the reptile brain, so to speak, and I was able to consciously use spiritual breathing exercises to calm myself down.

I am coming into some further insights, but the virus is dragging me to sleep, even at 10:16. I am confident that this year is going to be a great one (but I like wild and unpredictable, roller-coaster rides), so I am going to drink a small glass of champagne and go to bed. It is tainted, and will make me sick, but a toast to this great new year is absolutely required. Besides, the scientist in me is still figuring out certain things--yep, all you killjoys out there--I am drinking champagne to further scientific research!

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