Tuesday, December 13, 2011

St. Augustine's classical argument against evil

St. Augustine's classical argument against evil is that it really doesn't exists--that Being is good and the complete absence of good, absolute evil, doesn't exist. Now, one thing I have learned is that it is not worthwhile to argue deep philosophy or metaphysics, though it was fun and appropriate to do so in college. Especially with all the changes in my understanding of reality and the cosmos, I have lost my bearings as far as a philosophical framework of life and reality is concerned (fortunately, I haven't lost my deepest convictions of faith). However, I still know what I consciously experience, and I got to tell you, St. Augustine was on to something. I am not plumbing the depths of evil with my reason; instead it stalks me everyday. Of course, I am stalked psychically every second I breathe--but that is something I have learned to live with--though it violates my sense of spiritual privacy, which is infuriating. However, in the past couple of days, the evil KaBal has stepped up the attacks. I have written of how some kind of "zapper" is used to transform or virally infect certain substances with instantaneous ease. Of course, all my meds are tampered with this way, and occasionally (especially if I go out to eat), food is adulterated with the viral infecting agent, too. Now, however, the Amon-RA types are even infecting my food while still at the grocery store! This is just an escalation of what they have already done before (I have to monitor my purse (which contains meds), and I know that any biological supplement that I buy, such as vitamin C and D have often been zapped while still on the shelf. For I am stalked in advance of every trip I make (don't forget--the MACHINE psychics are in my head, while I still am searching for my keys). Thus, they were able to beat and meet me at the grocery store I frequent, Smiths--which is a subsidiary of Kroger, and yesterday--they "zapped", infected, ruined, wasted, $72.00 worth of food. (Interesting, 72 is an occult number--the number of stargates, as is the obverse, 27--which is why so many KaBal sponsored artists die, or rather, murdered, at that age). Anyway, I have shopped at Smith's for years, and they were my favorite grocery destiny, but after yesterday, I will never shop there again. I should have seen the escalation coming. Months ago, it had become obvious to me that Amon-RA types harass and stalk me with much greater comfort and audacity at Smith's (once, one of those pricks even pretended to be a bagger), than at any other place. So I started shopping at a new store in town, which is a very reasonable and pleasant place to shop, but they are into natural and healthy foods, so they don't carry all of the basics of which I am guiltily fon , such as frozen Hot Pockets, or my favorite commercial brand of coffee (they sell coffee beans for fresh grinding). So, I still found myself shopping at Smith's intermittently, and thus it was day before yesterday, when I made a list of things to buy, and headed off to the store. Of course, I knew that the MACHINE psychics had read my mind, but I decided to throw a curve ball at them, and go to a different location, about 3 miles away. That is where I saw him--pure, dripping, evil--NON-BEING ITSELF. I can call him a psychic vampire or a spider or evil, but believe me when I tell you, that I came face to face, with a two-legged varmint of NON-BEING. He knew that I was coming and exactly where I would be. You see, my psychological idiosyncrasy (which had dumbass know-nothings swear up and down that I was schizophrenic), is that I constantly talk to myself. Psychics would say that I "broadcast". I think that I picked up that habit as a child, because I was a heavy extrovert (it runs in my family), who, because of autism, only knew how to communicate telepathically. Since there was no one to dialogue with me telepathically, I just started talking to myself. So, I am shopping around, and saying to myself, "I need to get product A" (I can't remember specifically). So I turn the corner where product A is located, and he is just sitting, there like a fucking Black Widow. When I saw him, the first thing I did was smile apologetically (he was positioned, so that I nearly bumped into his cart as i turned the blind corner). Again, my nature is basically friendly and civil. My immediate impression of him was that he was a Hispanic, elderly man. He was wearing a cap that hid his face, but he was very short of stature and slight of build, and it is not uncommon to find Hispanic old-timers who fit that profile. So, I smiled at him, naturally and un-self consciously, and while it pleased him that I genuinely smiled at him, no energetic response came from him, none at all--not annoyance, friendliness, acceptance or surprise. He was just a spiritual black hole--eager to engulf my spiritual energy and agapic warmth, but completely and absolutely incapable of returning anything at all. He was all take, and no give. Now, I know a lot of people in bad relationships say that about their significant others, but they are incorrect. Immature people feed from spiritual energy in a needy, childish, or co-dependent way, but still they are capable of energetic exchange. This guy had absolutely nothing to give--no center, no sense of self, no soul, no spirit. I think its only purpose in life is to find someone from whom it can draw spiritual energy in order to feel alive, in that case, me. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that, indeed, there ARE vampires in the universe--bona-fide, genuinely real vampires, who have had their souls and spirits sucked out by an even bigger black hole. They are lost, "undead souls" who have lost all joy and purpose in being a living, breathing human being. Now, I know why the sons of bitches constantly cut on me (they did it again, last night). These vampires have lost all regard for their corporeality, or as St. Thomas Aquinas would say, their substance, their BEING. I don't know what the hell they get in return for such a horrific trade-off, but from what I have seen, sexual immorality runs rampant in those communities. The men all have the angry, abusive temperament, while the women are just ego-less, limp doormats. I think it is the same trade-off that Satan (in this case, any agent of the MACHINE), always offers--that is, IT looks for what the victim wants or admires, in order to hook it. You know, I think the MACHINE has tried to hook me, by first "channeling" SHIT into my brain while I sleep, and then more pro-actively, under ITS many guises, getting me to believe ITS (not so) subtle lies and innuendo. However, I still am allowing myself to be hooked. I am too generous with my spiritual energy. Like a baby, I think I am surrounded by ALL-love, but I am not. I am surrounded by evil, including these black hole, psychic vampires. I am going to have to assume that everyone around me is potentially evil, and learn to cut off my own spiritual energy. You know, I am starting to "get" the fact that I am cooperating with these evil beings on a profound level. I mean, when I smiled at that vampire, I hoped to have some kind of effect on him. I thought if I smiled, he would smile, that if I gave of my spiritual energy, I would get some back in return, indeed, that if IT were in an evil place, I could somehow coax it back to a holy realm. There was a brief flash when I recognized that this varmint was a rare anomaly, and I was genuinely curious about IT. However, it was not an unbridled curiosity, but even though I pulled back, the damage was done. Later that night, I think I dreamed of cooperating with those evil bastards again. Also, Mr. Psychic Vampire caused me to lose over seventy dollars. When I went to a check out lane, a nervous manager, wringing his hands, pulled me away, and had me go to a fresh lane where the checker was just opening up. He had the zapper on his hands, and contaminated every bit of grocery that I bought. It took me a couple of days to realize the extent of it, but I am certain. You see, the molecular change that they do, literally causes me to be sick, and will often start my head shaking. I checked multiple items by ingestion (I hated to throw out that much food--that was a 1/4 of my monthly food budget, and I already am on a tight budget). I have no one to blame but myself, though. I figured out months ago that Smith's probably was a Nazi-affiliated company. I just couldn't bring myself to quit the grocery where I have shopped for over ten years. Also, I must work on closing off my spiritual energy. Obviously, there are varmints in the world who would take advantage of the openness of my spiritual energy, and I have to be more pro-active and aware when it comes to protecting myself, for the harassment still continues. Today, I went to another, different grocery, and Amon-RA creeps were there again. They zapped a tub of lunch meat that I bought (probably because they read my mind, and got there before I did), but other than that, my groceries were untouched. As I was leaving, however, a woman offered me the stamp coupons that this story uses as a promo. I can spot an Amon-RA devotee from a mile away--they are as psychologically and emotionally messed up as they can be. However, I am starting to learn--they take my own friendliness and gratitude, and then use it against me in the astral realm. My unconscious co-operation has got to stop. I need to make sure that I keep my spiritual boundaries COMPLETELY closed off when I am in a public space. Otherwise these vampires will suck the life blood right out of me.

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